Sharon Prince of Lauds the Sterling Ideals of Celebrated Artist, Carrie Mae


It was a momentous event. An epic performance by one of the world’s and America’s great artists, Carrie Mae. From the outset, it was evident that Carrie Mae was well aware of her place in space. Yes, hers is a graceful story aimed at occupying space in history. As expected, Carrie Mae did not disappoint.

The name of the play was significant: ‘Past Tense.’ Intriguing. Captivating. Tantalizing. The venue of performance was equally significant: the Grace Farm Foundation. The two great causes have plenty in common; Service to humanity and humanism. The fight against violence, human rights abuses, injustice, inequalities, inhuman systems. Present to welcome the renowned theatre queen was Sharon Prince herself, the Founding President of the Grace Foundation.

It promised to be a great event. It came to pass as one. The storyline was disarmingly simple; a protest against racism, division, injustice; all mirrored in the unflattering American tradition. Much of this, evidently, was visited on the innocent young Americans of the Black race. As usual, throughout the performance, was Carrie Mae’s voice; powerful, elegant, compelling, and unapologetic. Around her was a talented cast, a star-studded constellation of actors who were in no mood to disappoint. They beautifully complemented Carrie Mae’s talent, resulting in an unforgettable, epic experience.

The tools of the trade for actors were simple: words, texts, and images. Carrie Mae played the role of the famed Greek hero Antigone. In the end, the thrilling classical had the power to transport the audience back to humanity’s bloody violent past and fast-forward to the present, a precipice of virtual human extinction. At the end of the riveting play, Carrie Mae, in typical fashion, dares to leave space for hope, amidst the blood, pain, and callousness that are the hallmarks of human history.

Sharon Prince, the veteran President and Founder of the Grace Farm Foundation, received Carrie Mae and spoke glowingly of her role, goals, and performance. She reiterated that both entities shared similar ideals. The foundation, established in 2009, seeks to enhance lives by impacting on nature, justice, faith, and community. Through this Foundation, Ms. Prince has fought child exploitation, violence against women, and human trafficking.

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Jojo Hedaya talks about entrepreneurship and winning the battle against junk mail


Junk mail is a notorious problem in today’s world. This is because as more and more services go digital the more the junk mail. Some years ago, junk mail was only from a few online platforms, but today almost every place on the internet requires you to sign in with your email. This means that you will be receiving newsletters and updates from these online platforms from time to time which will pile up as junk mail in your inbox. The co-founder and CEO of, Jojo Hedaya says that his company’s product which helps its users deal with junk mail was born out of personal frustration. He pointed out that was as a result of junk mail hugely interfering with his important emails.

Helpful entrepreneurial insights

Jojo Hedaya when offering helpful entrepreneurial insights talked about what it takes for an entrepreneur to be successful. In his opinion, entrepreneurship is a challenging undertaking even for the toughest of people. It needs a lot of mental preparation for an entrepreneur to drive their idea into a successful business. Jojo Pointed out that in his entrepreneurial quest of winning the battle against junk mail, he came across a lot of challenges. This is because most start-ups including his don’t make money early on. Therefore, it takes a lot of sacrifices and commitment to go past this period.

The CEO pointed out that setting clear goals from the onset is quite a good way of achieving success as an entrepreneur. Jojo Hedaya said that for him, his goal was to come up with a solution to deal with junk mail. Having this clear goal is what has helped his company grow to what it is now.

About Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is a New York-born entrepreneur, innovator and also the CEO of He founded this business alongside his business partner, Josh Rosenwald. The business partners met in Israel while they were both on their studies and they came up with their business idea soon after. Jojo is also passionate about promoting and uplifting other young entrepreneurs by providing advice and guidance.

Oren Frank and His Research on Social Media Addiction


There is a funny joke that has been trending online that people nowadays will wake up in the morning, check who loves them online, before even confirming that they can speak. This is not just a joke but also a reality. We have been absorbed by social media that our daily lives will revolve around it. It is also surprising that the number of likes on your social media page will even alter ones self-esteem. This is quite surprising. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and snapchat have become the rule of the day, especially among our youth. If you do not have an internet connection, then you are doomed because you will not be up to date with the current trends. Oren Frank proves to us that social media has been a cause of mental instability and anxiety among many.

Oren Franks research shows that most social media platforms are just money making models and advertisements sites. Even though the idea of these companies is theoretically connecting people and creating the thought of being social, it is all a business venture. Every product in this field is set to make the user come back to the site more and more resulting in some sort of addiction just like the tobacco addiction. Read more on Wikipedia.

Oren Frank says that the industry is entailed with business ideas and technological advancements to a certain extent that will help the platforms market themselves in ways that are irresistible. These platforms will give the user a conviction to use the internet over and over.

He, therefore, wants to try and help the current generation in combating the addiction to social media by just giving a few solutions that may be handy. In his website, he helps the users overcome such problems by updating articles that will assist in getting rid of this drug that is social media.

Oren Frank is a family man who is currently situated at New York where he runs his company, talkspace. He studied at the Leicester Polytechnic and later on ventured to the marketing and advertising world. With all those gained skills, he was convicted to come up with a company.