ClassDojo a Game changer in Communications in Classrooms Management


ClassDojo is a communication app that provides an excellent classroom management platform used by teachers, students, and parents. ClassDojo assists teachers to concentrate on positive feedback which differentiates it from other classroom behaviour trackers and management tools such as gold-star charts. When the students do the right things, teachers are able awards students with points as they can customise the skills or behaviours like participating and working hard. Teachers are also able to place students in groups offering a simple manner of awarding points and nurture a culture of cooperation in the classroom.

The best part is that parents have a way to get updates on the progress of their child in the classroom and this ensures they are engaged as well. They can see the comments by the teachers, and this enables them to see to see their child’s feedback in real-time. Through ClassDojo teachers can share messages to all parents such as (reminders, permission slip, homework and assignments). They also send meaningful communications such as texts and photos which make it easier for parents to stay linked to the classroom without the trouble of school newsletter. ClassDojo enables students to create and customise their accounts. They are also able to reflect on their school work while at home.

Another aspect that makes ClasDojo different from other classroom planners is that it can be used on any device: iPads, smart boards, laptops, phones, and iPhones as well. The app syncs in all of these devices in real-time. The ClassDojo Support team is always ready to help whenever you need help which makes it top notch. Parents, teachers and students love ClassDojo as it is useful, convenient and saves time. Folks are jumping the board and spreading the word about the app as it establishes a meaningful connection between parents, teachers and students.