Robert Deignan: Don’t Worry About Automation Yet


Entrepreneur Robert Deignan co-founded ATS Digital Services, a company that provides remote services to their customers that help them solve a variety of different technical problems that people regularly come across. While he certainly understands why people are concerned that machines will take the jobs that people perform now, Robert Deignan believes that humanity doesn’t have much to worry about just yet. Technology is capable of doing some great things for the world, but it has a long way to go before it can replace all of the things that humans can do. Automation is unavoidable, but the CEO of ATS Digital Services suggests that there are actions we can take to ensure that we will still have employment opportunities even with the concerns of machines taking over.

Technology has the capability of creating new jobs as well as replacing them. At ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan has been able to create many jobs for people helping to fix the problems that come when technology stops working as expected. The era of automation is something that can’t be avoided, but as humans, we can adapt to the changes that we experience. Preparation is how Robert Deignan believes people will be able to maintain their value as workers. Certain positions require human interaction in a way that machines will not be able to replace. Some of these positions include those in social work and healthcare such as therapists and more.

Robert Deignan understands why so many people are concerned that automation has the potential to take their jobs, but he doesn’t think that most people have much to worry about just yet. Research indicates that there is only less than a 50% chance that automation will be able to replace the majority of jobs that humans do now is the next century or so, which gives people ample time to prepare for the inevitable. Interacting with humans is something that can’t be replaced by any modern machine right now and we will never know exactly what the future is going to bring us when it comes to how technology will impact us.