Get to Know OSI Food Solutions


OSI Food Solutions is a uniquely American success story. Today, this company has over 20,000 employees in over 65 facilities. OSI operates in almost 20 countries around the globe. This is a far cry from its humble origins in Oak Park, Illinois.

OSI started off in 1909, as a meat market in a small town. Founder Otto Kolschowsky had arrived in the US from Germany just two years earlier. Later, Otto moved his business and family to the suburbs of Chicago. By 1928, the business was known as Otto & Sons. Over the decades, they developed a good reputation. Customers knew that Otto & Sons carried quality meats and meat products.

The business continued to grow over the decades. But in 1955, Otto & Sons made a fateful, game-changing decision. They agreed to partner with Ray Kroc, who had franchising rights to develop a chain that sold burgers and fries. That chain was McDonald’s. When the first one opened in Des Plaines, the beef patties came from Otto & Sons.

In 1973, Otto and Sons opened a plant designed to handle high volumes of meat. In 1975, the company officially changed its name to OSI Industries. The initials stand for Otto, Sons and Industries. Since the turn of the 21st century, OSI has continued to expand globally. Key partnerships have made it possible for OSI to expand into the Philippines and India. In 2002, OSI Food Solutions established a presence in Beijing.

As markets continue to develop and evolve around the world, OSI Food Solutions will be there to provide the local populace with high quality meat products. OSI still hews close to its roots. OSI’s Culinary Innovation Center in Aurora, Illinois produces high quality, value-added products that consumers love. OSI Food Solutions makes it a point to communicate with consumers and understand what their tastes are.

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Lincolnshire Management’s Success on Holley Performance Products


On October 2018, Lincolnshire Management decided to call off its investment or partnership with Holley Performance Products Inc. The sale was made to an associate company Sentinel Capital Partners. Lincolnshire Management acquired Holley Performance Products a company that designs, manufactures and markets branded products in 2013 from Monomoy Capital Partners.

The objective of the partnership between Lincolnshire Management and Holley Performance Products was to speed the rate of strategy acquisition thus promoting and increasing the rate of organic growth by also speeding the rate of investment on Holley’s new products that were under development. Lincolnshire Management helped Holley realize the complexness of their issues, put the company back to its usual lane and also significantly structure the organization of the company in a meaningful manner that enabled their growth, evolution and development during the years of their partnership.

The strategies were to boost Holley’s designing, production and marketing abilities and put it back to the world map and therefore this was to concurrently increase the company’s abilities on innovations which were in turn meant to help focus on putting new products to the market.

Holley Performance Products is an automotive aftermarket company which was founded in 1903 which mainly manufactures carburetors. Holley lost its glory due to bankruptcy bank but Lincolnshire management has helped it gain some of the glory in the automotive aftermarket industry by acquiring some assets like MSD Group. Its products like the Holley HP EFI engine control unit were used as the standard equipment in all the Chevrolet’s Camaro race cars and as optional equipment used in ARCA racing series and all these happen while partnering with Lincolnshire Management.

Lincolnshire Management is a private profit aimed equity company. It was founded in 1986 and the company’s headquarters are located in New York. The firm’s main aim is to invest in middle market companies and it also helps these companies to grow their status. Lincolnshire Management provides financial services, banking services, capital venturing capabilities and acquisition skills and services to the companies which it invests or partners with. See Lincolnshire Management’s profile

How Herbalife Stock Growth is Being Predicted for Success in 2019


Did you know that some of the most preferred stocks are based upon nutrition? Herbalife Nutrition stocks look promising for the year 2019 according to Zack’s. Now a preferred stock amongst investors, Herbalife has survived the storm over some of the other stocks, most of which only increased a narrow one percent.

Weight loss and nutrition have remained of high interest when it comes to investing and putting your money in a place where it can grow and thrive. Investors were becoming more reserved in their approach due to the fluctuation of currency. Some have said that investors are expecting a bull market in 2019, but it’s tough to say.

Herbalife stock growth will continue as the health and wellness market continues to grow. The second half of 2018, the stock continued to increase by as much as 15%. That’s a big increase for one company in the health and wellness space. Those who are in management positions with the company have continued to anticipate good things for the company, as well as continued growth.

It was also good news that growth each month in 2018 was higher, month over month. It seems that this company is also excelling due to the strategy of business growth being rooted in direct selling. Through their strong direct selling strategy, Herbalife has been able to accomplish big things with their presence in the consumer marketplace.

It appears that the reason this health, wellness and nutrition company is doing so well, is because they are focused on weight loss and management, as well as nutrition and energy, as well as fitness and sports nutrition management. As the product line continues to grow, so does the interest in stocks.

Another product that has attracted a large audience is a protein enriched coffee. A popular product among millions, it fuels more growth with every new innovative product that rolls out from Herbalife.

The company continues to grow and expand globally, it is expected to reach new levels of success in 2019 and beyond.