Grilling Up Profits with OSI Industries


Imagine being at a barbecue and smelling flame broiled meat cooking. You take a bite, watch the burgers juices bleed through the patty and taste the savory flavors fill your entire mouth. Then you look over and see your vegan neighbor enjoying the same burger. As of August 2019, OSI Industries teaming up with Impossible Foods company to mass produce Impossible Burger, has made this fantasy a reality.

Impossible Burger, a soy protein-based meat, has grown in popularity since it’s debut. Restaurant franchises like White Castle, Qdoba, and Cheesecake Factory have jumped on the plant-burger bandwagon and have had great success. OSI Industries, known for an over sixty year meat distribution partnership with top burger franchise McDonalds, has joined forces to supply Burger King with Impossible Whoppers, debuting in dozens of Missouri restaurants. With the great customer feedback, Burger King expects to expand nationwide by late 2019, occupying 7,200 restaurants. See OSI Group Reviews at

Impossible Burger is currently distributed to 10,000 restaurants globally since its introduction in 2016 and the demand is quickly increasing. Because the Compton-based plant-based protein company cannot meet the expansion requests and OSI Industries enjoys partnering with sustainable companies, this was the perfect business deal. Prior to the announcement, senior vice president Sheetal Shah issued a statement, saying “OSI has already installed equipment to make the Impossible Burger, and we’ll start seeing new capacity every week.”

Rival company Beyond Meat experienced a 500% sales increase in one quarter once implementing plant-based customer options. On the path to become a worthy competitor, OSI Industries and Impossible Burger, along with their $300 million dollar company scale-up fund, are looking to become one of the top protein distributors, selling in restaurants and in grocery stores. If profit margins go well enough, McDonalds may be next to join the soy-based burger club.


How BetterWorks Enhances Employee Performance



Everyone company is staffed with talented and qualified team members. However, without the right teamwork, this talent will not be on the same page when it comes to goal setting and execution. To help keep every valuable employee organized, our performance management software company has created the most advanced team-working tool for managers and team members.

Introducing BetterWorks Team Edition

BetterWorks Team Edition finally solves the problem on how you can keep everyone in your office focused on what matters. This unique software performance management system offers a number of features that easily allow any manager to better communicate with her team. From goal setting to communication, BetterWorks Team Edition has the unique and advanced features that will become critical to your company’s future success.

First, our software helps the team with the important goal-setting stage of any project. BetterWorks Team Edition will help you start off every project on the right foot by helping you communicate the goals of a project. The software allows easy communication to any individual team member and entire teams. Working seamlessly with Slack, BetterWorks Team Edition is simply the easiest way to stay in touch with every team member.

During the project, you will want to make sure everyone stays in the loop. BetterWorks Team Edition makes it easy for managers to handle multiple conversations as well as handle real-time communications. The software also includes a number of conversational templates that allow managers to easily composure messages for every stage of the project. This will allow your team to stay on track through every stage of the project.

To make BetterWorks Team Edition easy to use, the software comes with a number of valuable support features. First, BetterWorks offers anytime support through an active members-only forum and comprehensive knowledge base. Next, BetterWorks Team Edition features a number of in-product coaching guides to help get everyone up to speed on how the program works. Finally, BetterWorks offers a library of webinars to help managers create and maintain their project tools.

About BetterWorks

Since 2013, BetterWorks has been creating the most advanced and easy-to-use performance management software for all types of industries. Located in Silicon Valley, BetterWorks has helped thousands of companies, of all sizes, better organize their teams through its performance management software product.

Get to Know OSI Food Solutions


OSI Food Solutions is a uniquely American success story. Today, this company has over 20,000 employees in over 65 facilities. OSI operates in almost 20 countries around the globe. This is a far cry from its humble origins in Oak Park, Illinois.

OSI started off in 1909, as a meat market in a small town. Founder Otto Kolschowsky had arrived in the US from Germany just two years earlier. Later, Otto moved his business and family to the suburbs of Chicago. By 1928, the business was known as Otto & Sons. Over the decades, they developed a good reputation. Customers knew that Otto & Sons carried quality meats and meat products.

The business continued to grow over the decades. But in 1955, Otto & Sons made a fateful, game-changing decision. They agreed to partner with Ray Kroc, who had franchising rights to develop a chain that sold burgers and fries. That chain was McDonald’s. When the first one opened in Des Plaines, the beef patties came from Otto & Sons.

In 1973, Otto and Sons opened a plant designed to handle high volumes of meat. In 1975, the company officially changed its name to OSI Industries. The initials stand for Otto, Sons and Industries. Since the turn of the 21st century, OSI has continued to expand globally. Key partnerships have made it possible for OSI to expand into the Philippines and India. In 2002, OSI Food Solutions established a presence in Beijing.

As markets continue to develop and evolve around the world, OSI Food Solutions will be there to provide the local populace with high quality meat products. OSI still hews close to its roots. OSI’s Culinary Innovation Center in Aurora, Illinois produces high quality, value-added products that consumers love. OSI Food Solutions makes it a point to communicate with consumers and understand what their tastes are.

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