Nitin Khanna a Shrewd Businessman and Philanthropist


Nitin Khanna is an Indian American serial entrepreneur with interests in a wide array of industries such as the technology industry, merger, and acquisition industry, and the medical marijuana industry, among others. Nitin, who is originally from India, immigrated to the US to pursue his undergraduate studies. Nitin graduated from Purdue University with a degree and master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

In an interview, Nitin Khanna said one way through which people can remain productive in the workplace is by having free time in their busy schedules. Nitin says that all the business executives that he knows and has interacted with have unlimited free time. Nitin adds the crucial thing in getting that free time is learning how to build that time. Nitin Khanna as a business executive says that he has managed to build unlimited free time for himself since he has employed the best kind of people and has aligned them with his company culture and they know what he expects from them. As long as you have shown them the right direction then you can have time for yourself and your family says, Nitin. Nitin adds it is imperative to have free time that you can spend with the people you love and him being a family man spends his free time with his wife and four kids.

Nitin Khanna, even though he has unlimited free time, manages his time well, and prioritizes the most critical things in life. Nitin is very tight with time and does not engage in activities that are not productive. Before doing anything, Nitin Khanna first evaluates to see whether what he is about to do is productive or not. Nitin is very focused when it comes to time management and says if a meeting is supposed to take five minutes, he doesn’t see the reason why it should extend to more than that. Nitin says that he has learned his time management skills through experience, and he knows how to prioritize tasks as well as what needs to be addressed first.

Nitin Khanna big long term goals that he is hoping to achieve in his career is setting up companies that will continue existing even a hundred years from now. Nitin Khanna says even though he left Cura Cannabis Solution, he hopes to see the company brand grow and continue to exists in twenty, thirty, or even more than forty years from now. Nitin gives an example with a company like Coca Cola that was started more than a century ago and is still a powerhouse in the food and beverage sector.

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Unroll Me-Quickly Unsubscribe to Unwanted Emails!


Is your email account bombarded every day with an avalanche of unwanted emails? Do you wish you could blink your eyes and make them all go away? Well, wish no more. Unroll Me is a FREE email unsubscription service and they are here to your rescue. What is Unroll Me and how does it work?

Unroll Me is a Free unsubscription service that allows you to quickly and effortlessly unsubscribe to the numerous of unwanted email that plague your account each day. 

Unroll Me is a handy tool that incredibly easy to use. Just three simple Steps. 

  1. Go to Click on the green ‘Get Started’ button. You will be given the option to click on your email servicer. Whether your email account is with Google, Yahoo, Outlook or AOL. However, users of other email services are given the option to use their email addresses to sign in with instead.
  2. Accept the terms of the privacy policy. You will be presented with your email accounts, (If you have more than one). Click on the email account that you would like Unroll Me to access. Click ‘Allow’ to give Unroll Me the ability to access your email subscriptions


  1. Next, Unroll Me will take a few moments to process your email subscriptions into a single List. Unroll Me will present you with a few instructions and then quickly calculate the amount of email subscription in your account. You will be presented with the list of email subscription in an easy to read format. On the right side of the page you will have the option to Add, Unscribe and Keep

Once you click the Unscribe button next to the unwanted email subscriptions. You are forever free of the burden of these unwanted emails. It is really that easy. Do not worry about email subscriptions you want to keep, simply select the ‘Add‘ option and Unroll Me will store them to your account and you will continue to receive these messages as usual.

Unroll Me Email Management Service Three Options


Unroll Me is a service that helps users of email accounts more easily manage the messages that they receive. It provides email account holders with the ability to sort through emails and then keep or eliminate ones that they don’t want. The service has been around for the past several years and has helped many people and businesses more easily sort their email messages. 

The origin of Unroll Me dates back to 2011 when a couple of entrepreneurs were looking for a way to eliminate email clutter and junk messages. They were working together and were trying to contact each other via email. Neither of them received the messages sent and a lot of frustration took place. As a result, these two entrepreneurs worked together to find a way to prevent an oversaturation of unwanted emails. They developed Unroll Me as an innovative solution to managing email messages. 

With Unroll Me, anyone who has an email account can sign up for the service and begin eliminating the messages that they don’t want. They can simply click on the Unsubscribe option. Users of email accounts can also keep the emails they want by clicking on icons such as Keep in Inbox and Add Rollup. With this email service, many email account holders have experienced an improvement with the management of their email messages. 

Whenever an email account holder uses Unroll Me, they will be able to use one of three options. One of the options is Add Rollup which is designed to allow you to store emails that come in the form of a subscription. If you subscribe to things such as a newsletter, you will be able to use Add Rollup in order to keep important emails in bulk

The Keep in Inbox option allows you to store emails that come from individual message senders. You will be able to click on an email that you want to keep and have it stored in your inbox. Using this option is most beneficial when you are looking to keep individual emails instead of subscriptions. 

There is also the Unsubscribe option which provides you with the ability to sort and eliminate all emails that you no longer wish to receive. It is primarily used to get rid of subscriptions but it can also be used to get rid of individual emails as well. Clicking on the Unsubscribe option will enable you to eliminate emails and then no longer receive them from a particular sender.