Dr. Jennifer Walden Client Reviews


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic plastic surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She has had many positive reviews on the internet. One review states that the whole experience with Dr. Walden had been just great in many ways. This client needed to have some breast revision done. A previous doctor who had tried this revision procedure on the patient did not do a good job. Dr. Jennifer Walden was able to set things right. This client states that she thinks Dr. Walden is just the best all around. She is now happy with the way she looks.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews are stated by many clients. Another client says they have been going there for facials. The pores on her check and nose have been reduced. They have also helped in other areas of her skin. In further Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews a client states that the whole experience has been entirely first class. The facilities and staff are great. Very pleased with the procedure and the results. No wasted time and money here.

Another client on Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews says Wow! They write that the office is the most professional place that they have ever been. They were very patient and really listened to the clients concerns. The client states that the prices offered were reasonable. If they want a facial, hair removal or anything else they are going back to the office of Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Another client states that Dr. Walden must be some kind of miracle worker. The results were better than they expected. Well worth the money and an amazing person. Another client got a VI Peel and had great results. She now has glowing skin. She would recommend this skin peel treatment for others. She states that the doctor is professional, pleasant and friendly.

Another client says that the procedure they had done was accurate and quick. The laser hair removal the client had done was satisfactory. The appointment was easy to book and there was no waiting time. A good place for first time hair removal.

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