Jeunesse Global Product Slowing Down the Aging Process


Jeunesse Global was launched as an innovative skin care and natural supplements company on the 9th of September, 2009 at 9 P.M. Did you see how number 9 has been used to represent the company’s mission and main objective? Well, 9 means longevity, and it stands for the survival of the company alongside its ability to thrive. It is also a symbol of how the customers will achieve long term youthful results after using its products. From its innovative series of Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S), Jeunesse has created about 8 product lines that include:

  • Luminesce
  • Instantly Ageless
  • AM & PM Essentials
  • Nevo Energy Drinks
  • Reserve Fruit Drink
  • Finti
  • Zen Bodi
  • M1nd Dietary Supplement

Each of the products above was created with the main aim of slowing down the aging process of the users while promoting wellness through healthy living. The Y.E.S products were founded on the principles of rejuvenating, diminishing, enhancing, energizing, defending, restoring, beautifying, balancing, and making the skin clear. Each of the above products contribute directly to one of the nine components.

Health Supplements

Dietary supplements are slowly flooding the market with consumers torn between fake and legit companies. Most consumers agree that Jeunesse is a legit company that relies on safe, healthy, high quality, and effective ingredients in the creation of its health supplements.

The company provides sleeping pills to its customers in form of AM & PM essentials. While the AM supplements keep you energized all day and in a great mood, PM essentials work towards helping you sleep better. Both types of supplements are meant to protect the skin against aging that would cause wrinkles, fine lines, and many other defects.

Jeunesse also has an antioxidant drink that is referred to as Reserve. The antioxidants will get rid of toxicities in your skin and keep it safe from free radicals and other factors that could contribute to a faster aging process.

The last health supplement is FINITI, a multivitamin supplement that is different from the other brands in the market. It is innovatively created to enhance DNA protection by targeting telomerase for a healthier skin.

LimeCrime: Doe Deere’s Committment to Vegan-Friendly Makeup


LimeCrime is a company that was brilliantly founded due to one amazing woman’s need to have access to bright, bold colored shades of makeup that she was unable to find elsewhere. When Doe Deere founded LimeCrime she was seeking shades of lipstick and eyeshadow in shades like blue, hot pink, bold red and orange. She was unable to find the shades in the quality that she wanted and even further, she wanted makeup that was vegan friendly and made from natural ingredients.

Thus, LimeCrime was founded and has since gone from a fringe beauty brand to a mainstay of every woman’s makeup bag. The company continues to expand, offering everything from its signature lipsticks to a line of semi-permanent hair dyes. Doe Deere has been named the Queen of the Unicorns and she can often be seen sporting the signature hair dyes in every shade from bright blue to hot pink. The unicorn is the signature icon of the company, as Doe Deere encourages LimeCrime fans to never be afraid to be the beautiful unicorn, standing out in a sea of plain horses.

The company is known for its widely creative makeup offerings. For example, the company recently released a line of eyeshadow palettes that are designed to look exactly like the ‘90s craze toy, the Polly Pocket. The palettes come in creative plastic shells in hot pink, robin’s egg blue and bright yellow. The motto of the company is that if the team’s creative department isn’t absolutely obsessed with a product, they simply won’t release it to their fans. Another creative eyeshadow is the Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette. The palette houses shades that are designed to bring out any woman’s inner goddess. The shades include varieties of berry shades, roses, bronzes and deep reds. It has become one of the most popular palettes of the season and is available exclusively from Lime Crime.

Doe Deere prides herself on her company’s commitment to being vegan friendly. Every single one of her products is 100% vegan friendly and she also is heavily committed to ensuring that her line of makeup uses the most natural ingredients possible.