Southridge Capital and the Growth of Cryptocurrency


Southridge Capital is led by Chief Executive Officer and founder Steven Hicks. Since 1996, Steven and Southridge have been bringing investment solutions to companies in need. In their history, which spans decades, they have gained immeasurable experience in financial structuring, investment banking, risk arbitrage and derivatives. The experience gained in that journey has led to a solid action plan for knowing good investments and thinking outside the box.


Before starting Southridge Capital in 1996, Steven got his BS in Business Administration from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York. After going on for his MBA at Fordham University, he later worked at a little hedge fund in New York where he brainstormed the idea for Southridge Capital.


What does a typical day look like in the world of someone who has had as much success as Steven Hicks and Southridge Capital? Steven’s mornings typically begin with a review of the portfolio. Then he goes about making a list for the day’s duties and actions for both himself and his staff. The rest of the day there’s a two-fold approach: checking existing investments to make sure they are still on track, and looking out for new and exciting opportunities.  To see more you can checkout


One of those new opportunities? Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The new kids on the financial block, bitcoin first began its existence in 2009. Initially, the financial industry was skeptical, but cryptocurrency has grown more and more mainstream in the last few years. In its youth, bitcoin was predicted by many professionals to be a scam and a fraud but now seems to be here for good. Southridge Capital is another in a growing list of financial titans who are seeing opportunity in this new type of investment.


For Southridge Capital and Steven Hicks, cryptocurrency looks to be another investment which will bring growth to their clients’ portfolios. In the world of investing, one thing is clear to Steven: The success of the client is the success of Southridge Capital. You can visit their facebook page for more details.