David McDonald: OSI Group President Who Personified Dedication


David McDonald has actually dedicated the whole of his career to OSI Group. He joined the company 31 years ago, and has risen through the ranks in that time to today occupy the position of president of the company.

David was born in the state of Iowa where he grew up and then went ahead to earn bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. He joined OSI group immediately after college and has remained with the company ever since, his work ethic and commitment to improvement continually seeing him earn series of promotions and helping him rise to where he is today.

His very detailed leadership style has brought about a lot of improvements in the way the company operates, notably in the way he adjusted the operations of the company’s Chinese business region to meet up with international standards. By commissioning an international inspection team to ascertain that standards are met with and that leaders are held accountable, improvements have been made in a lot of areas and in many regions.

On the acquisition of Baho Foods, David McDonald is quite excited about the prospects that gives OSI Group. He sees it as an opportunity for the company to diversify its market base and to improve its sustainability in the current market due to the anticipated effects of partnering with a company that has over 60 years experience in the food manufacturing business.

The company has also made a number of high-profile acquisitions and partnerships under the leadership of David McDonald as president, one of it being with Tyson foods. The company was set to close down and put hundreds of employees on the strings but when it was acquired and OSI kept them on and is going to use the opportunity to improve the company’s market share portfolio.

A partnership with Flagship Foods Europe also came on board, one which is set to boost the already impressive profile of OSI Group. Flagship Foods Europe specializes in the manufacture of sauces such as mayonnaise and OSI is expected to take advantage of that expertise and strengthen its stand in the market.

In a recent interview with CEO/CFO magazine, David McDonald expressed that OSI Group is committed to supporting its customers’ to achieve success, rather than celebrating its own. He also explained how much pride he derives from his teams’ ability to deliver on set goals. This teamwork, he celebrates as the chief ingredient in their successes so far.

For details: www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group

David Mcdonald And The Success Of OSI Group


OSI Group is one of the world’s most powerful privately owned corporations. There simply aren’t any corporations that have managed to produce as much protein as OSI has and there are few that have lasted as long as OSI. For more than one hundred years OSI Group has been giving the world its meat. It started out as a small family business but grew to be so much more than its humble origins. You can now see clear and obvious examples of its success just by looking at the various fast food chains of the world. They all rely on OSI to supply them with meat and they even rely on OSI for their vegetables and dough. Much of this is due to the work of David Mcdonald.

As the president of OSI Group, David Mcdonald has made it clear he understands what it takes to create a food processing giant. He has worked diligently to handle everything from resource shortages to logistics issues that might come about if things don’t go perfectly. Mcdonald is the exact type of person to place in charge of a corporation with the sort of responsibilities that OSI Group has to deal with on a regular basis. He understands how to solve these issues in the timely manner needed to keep a corporation running smoothly.

Perhaps the most telling evidence of his skill and business acumen is the versatility of OSI. OSI originated as a meat deli but now serves vegetables and dough to the clientele it serves. That’s something to certainly look at when other competitors simply haven’t managed to provide this level of service. OSI is doing something right that needs to be replicated by its competitors. The commitment to service gives OSI Group an advantage over others in the same business.

David Mcdonald has one of the world’s most challenging jobs and he manages to do his work without a single complaint. Even though there are plenty of rivals out there who want to take over the same spot OSI has, none have ever come close to the same level of success. That’s easily seen when you realize OSI has made a habit of giving its customers everything they need and refuses to allow even a small problem get in the way of the supply chain. This isn’t something you can say every day, but Kevin Mcdonald is feeding the entire world and more