LocationSmart Breaking Ground In The Canadian Market


LocationSmart is the leader when it comes to connecting devices worldwide. The company makes their services easy and accessible to their clients. LocationSmart uses the cloud to track connected devices. The company has a reputation worldwide for providing quality, efficient, and fast services for their clients.

LocationSmart is used across all industries such as gambling, employee tracking, asseting tracking, cell phone tracking and any form of GPS tracking. The company is used on an international level and will soon be breaking ground in Canada. The company’s location reach is very broad and spans too any and every country.

LocationSmart locates up to 15 billion devices. The company has improved in many areas by creating new technologies that can improve in the areas of asset tracking and IOT.

They have introduced companies to new ways that Geolocation can help companies run more smoothly and efficiently. The company has also implemented a texting solution that can improve customer service, make it easier to order products, and make payments.

LocationSmart is currently now making its mark in the Canadaian market. This move will be huge for the company because the company will be getting over 90 percent of Canada’s mobile phone providers on its platform.

The services that LocationSmart will be providing to the country of Canada are a secure network locator, sms, and other geo services. This new Canadian network location and the short message service is available to all major wireless carriers and their sub brands. In the United States there no consent is needed if you purchase a phone from the major wireless providers LocationSmart in automatically installed on the phone.

In Canada this rules differs the subscriber has to sign a consent before LocationSmart can be used to locate a mobile device in Canada. Once this consent is signed the mobile device can be tracked without any software installation or mobile app that needs to be downloaded. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

The unique thing about LocationSmart is that they offer excellent security measures and privacy controls. This service is provided so the companies now that they are protected from hacking and any data breaches that can potentially put their customers personal information at risk.

Every device that has a cellular connection can be located by LocationSmart. LocationSmart also improves on a companies customer service.

The chief executive officer of LocationSmart is very happy about this new Canadian opportunity because it will open up many new opportunities for LocationSmart itself and its customers. LocationSmart is truly an innovative company that continues to bring new products to the market in the realms of locating and tracking mobile devices.

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