How Barbara Stokes is Making a Difference in Disaster Relief


Disaster relief construction has been integral to restoring people’s lives after a calamity. That is why, it has been a sought after industry all over the world. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Ideamensch.

Alabama is no exception to that rule. With various professionals currently working in the state, the disaster relief construction industry has seen significant progress in the past few years.

One of such professionals is Barbara Stokes, who has been serving as the chief executive officer of GSH of Alabama, LLC.

Based out of Huntsville, GSH of Alabama has become a leading name in disaster relief construction. With its focus on sustainability and safety, the company provides quick housing that can actually stand the test of time. Follow Barbara Stokes on

All of that has been possible under the leadership of Barbara Stokes, who has been associated with the firm since 2011. With her extensive experience in government contracting and timely project management, Stokes has been able to make a difference in the industry.

On Modular Homes

The innovation of modular homes is one innovation that is expected to grow over time. The pre-fabricated homes consist of different blocks of repetition that are known as modules. Once these blocks are constructed, they can worked on and then delivered to the site.