Jon Urbana Finds That DMX is Still Falling Almost 20 Years Later


DMX has always been of a drifter since he has fallen from grace in the music industry. He wrote a song calling “Slippin’ Fallin'” many years ago, but few fans would have guessed that this rapper, commonly referred to as “X,” would start to see him own life unravel the way that the music painted him. Jon Urbana saw this coming, sad to say. DMX is okay today, but he was found unconscious this morning.

It is another incident where Earl “DMX” Simmons has made the headline news for something other thing music. It is like he is falling in all the ways that the song described more than a decade ago. The difference is that this there are no platinum records associated with these actions. He is just fighting what almost seems like a losing battle with himself.

People have no to expect him to be on the run from the police or in the news for some silly thing that may have happened as an occurence of reckless living. It would almost be comical if it wasn’t so sad. In the beginning many people thought that this was funny. As time went on it became a lot less comical. It would even prove to be something that would make fans wonder if DMX could ever come back to rap. He proclaimed himself to be a preacher once, but the grimy behavior in recent years has led people to believe otherwise.