About Beneful Dog Food


Nestle Purina Petcare makes the Beneful brand of dog food. You can find Beneful in wet food, dry food, and treats. In 2012 it was one of the most popular dog food choices on the market. In 2001, it was introduced to the dog food market. Beneful has been marketed as being a nutritional dog food line. It has a stew like appearance. The word Beneful actually means “full of goodness”.

In 2005, the Beneful Healthy Harvest brand was added to the line of Beneful dog foods offered by the company. It was the first dry dog food that they offered that contained soy instead of meat being the main source of protein. The 2006 revenue for Beneful was approximately $300 million. Also in 2006, the Beneful Prepared Meals were added to the Beneful dog food line. It offered eight different types of flavors. It had multipurpose, resealable packaging. The containers could also be used as dog food dish.

Purina believes in making dog food that is truly nourishing. They want your dog to be full of energy and live many happy, healthy years. They understand that the relationship we have with our pets enrich our lives and theirs as well. This is why they are always striving to improve the nutritional value of their dog food products.

Beneful has more than 400 scientist on their team which included nutritionists who are working hard to make new discoveries that will improve the lives of dogs all over the world. They continually conduct studies to find out how their formulas will affect your pets today and for years down the line. Because they are pet lovers, they understand the mindset of pet owners and wanting the best for a beloved dog.

If you are looking for a high quality dog food product for your beloved dogs, you should definitely try the Beneful dog food brands. While there are many different dog food lines to choose from Beneful truly believes your dog’s health and is constantly doing their best to offer only the most nutritional dog food options on the market. They even offer plenty of dog food snack choices to treat your favorite pet in between meals. They come in crispy and cookie like textures that will offer your dog plenty of unique snack options. Beneful truly cares about your dog’s health and wants your dogs to live as long and as happy as possible.