Jorge Moll and D’Or Institute for Research and Education


Jorge Moll is currently the president, director and a member of the board that is governing D’Or Institute for research and education (IDOR) located in Rio de Janeiro Brazil a senior Brazil researcher. He also doubles as the head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics workgroup. He is credited for being the award winner of D’Or Institute for Research and Education Awards and distinctions fellow between 2004-2007.In 2008 Moll is elected as an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. He is praised for being among the elected governor’s board members of the international Neuroethics society (2012-13) and also for being the award winner of the Visiting Scholar Award, Stanford Neuroscience Institute a sub-branch of Stanford University 2015.

Jorge Moll is currently being praised as an outstanding alumnus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo University where he took his masters and Ph.D. respectively. The D’Or Institute of Research and Education is explaining that the solution as to why sports fans are becoming crazy about their teams is rooted in their brains. Group identity is being perceived as a primary human want and is being classified as an essential characteristic of human evolution. The reports being published by Nature’s scientific reports journal is showing for the first time the brain functioning that is being involved in beneficent motivation among Soccer fans. This is showing a lot of connection with the real-life scenarios.

According to Dr. Tiago Bortolin who is leading the study from IDOR and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, soccer fans are constituting an example of natural groups which are being reflected in the daily real-life scenarios and thus providing a unique opportunity for investigating group identity in a more ecologic trend. For the study to establish what happens in the soccer brains of soccer fans during the donation tasks, the researchers are analyzing brain activation in common for all three types of donation which includes is to soccer fans, to non-fans or themselves.

Analyzes are showing that medial orbitofrontal cortex is indicating increased activity in all conditions.

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