Drake Breaks Record Previously Held By The Beatles


Drake Album. Drake is on an unbelievable roll these days, as he dropped an album out of nowhere, and the album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. Not only did his album debut at number one, but he currently has 14 songs from the album, on the charts, which was only done by one other set of artists, which was The Beatles. On April 11, 1964, The Beatles had 14 songs from one album on the charts, which was unheard of, up until now.

It’s amazing that Drake has beaten the record of such a famous band, and he continues to ride his success to the top. Currently, 14 of the songs off of Drake’s new album, are on the charts, making him a huge success. He also had a record number of streams on Spotify, which was also previously unheard of. Drake’s new album beat out his previous album for streaming music, by at least a couple million streams. Drake’s album also sold over 500,000 copies in the first week.

Drake’s album is the biggest debut of the year 2015, and many people are going to be doing back flips, just to beat him to the top. Even with all the problems he’s had in the past, such as fighting with Chris Brown, the incident with P Diddy, as well as other problems, Drake is doing very well. Who knows what additional success lies ahead for Drake in 2015, but Jaime Garcia Dias is interested to see how far he goes.