Electronic Cigarettes Investment at O2PUR


The changes in technology have come to influence the tobacco industry with the increased use of Electronic Cigarettes. The enhancement of the production is still taking place as a partnership of major companies in the tobacco industry are taking place. One can invest in any company just to have a glimpse of the portfolio of the cigar alternatives.

The British American Tobacco is an example of a company that wants to buy another company, Reynolds American. British American Tobacco had already invested in the company having 42% stake as the company is the leading in the production of electronic cigarettes appliances. The companies are increasingly forging a partnership.

Altria was among the first company to join the manufacture of e-cigarettes in a partnership with MarkTen brands, and they were able to buy Green Smokes. After British American Tobacco obtains Reynolds under its wing, it will go past Phillip Morris to become the best in the industry. The company has been able to produce alternatives while still depending on the HNB technology which is trending. HNB technology implements the use of heat rather than burning the tobacco.

Traditional cigarettes frequently implement burning of tobacco to make the user inhale the flavor while the earlier versions of e-cigarettes using a liquid which infused with nicotine. The modern HNB produces heat typically just enough to drive vapor out of the tobacco enabling the user with rich taste and nicotine. The smoke is safe as it does not contain any toxic chemicals that would affect the user. The user has to refill the cigarettes thus making the company not run out of the market.


02PUR is a company that is worth investing in having joined the market in 2013. The cigars that are made by O2PUR to be fast acting and better tasting while having Nicotine Salts. The juices are made and brewed in their plants in the USA. The company built on the satisfaction of their clients. O2PUR aims at producing cigars formulated to have explosives flavors that are of better value than other Electronic Liquid provider operating in the United States.