How Angela Koch Made Her Way To Being The CEO Of The U.S. Money Reserve


Angela Koch is the only female CEO in the United States precious metals industry and currently serves as the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, which is one of the largest private distributors of government-backed gold, silver, and platinum coins in the country. In her role with the company, Koch oversees the majority of the firm’s operations while helping to set its culture and pace.

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Since being founded, the Money Reserve has helped quite a significant number of people with their investments in precious metals, with Angela Koch overseeing much of this.

Throughout the past few years, the company has worked with over half a million customers, although Koch has noted that the firm is different from many others operating in the niche.

While the U.S. Reserve is a sales organization, in many ways it doesn’t act like one. This is primarily highlighted by the fact that the majority of such companies primarily focus on the selling aspect of the process while ignoring many other areas.

In contrast to this, Angela Koch notes that the Money Reserve focuses on working with its clients to educate them about precious metals and their investment.

This is something that the company spends a significant amount of time teaching each of its employees. As Koch has noted, just because somebody is in sales doesn’t mean that they don’t have intelligence.

This approach has resulted in the Money Reserve ensures that each of its employees knows their customer’s needs and how to meet them. Alongside this, Angela Koch notes that the firm teaches them how to run a system and everything possible about precious metals.

Throughout her time with the company, Koch hasn’t taken her responsibilities as CEO lightly. In contrast, she has a significant number of duties. Many of these focus on ensuring that her employees are well-trained and are able to grow within their position, both personally and professionally. When they do so, Angela Koch notes that it doesn’t just benefit the employee, but the company as a whole.

Despite being one of the top professionals in the industry, Angela Koch’s journey to success has been far from conventional. After dropping out of college because of personal experiences, she quickly found herself married with a child and needing to pay the bills.

As a result, she soon began working two or three jobs at a time. Despite having her plate full, Koch made it a point to learn everything she could about the company that she was working in.

By doing so, she was able to ensure that she could perform her job to the best of her ability, which is something that she’s kept with her over the past few decades.

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As a result of this approach, Angela Koch was able to climb the ladder at a variety of companies and ended up working with several notable firms before becoming the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve. Some of the most significant of these include the Jewish Foundation, KLA-Tencor, and many others.

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