Even Though Private Schools Are Better Than Most Public Counterparts, The Quality of Rocketship Education’s Educational Experiences Is Unbelievably High


Public schools’ aggregate sum of enrollees greatly outnumbers that of kids being homeschooled or blessed enough to have parents and guardians pay for private school. Although it’s often difficult to instruct large groups of students, as compared to smaller classrooms, statistics related to enrollment have no bearing on the disparity between the quality of education the three types of primary and secondary institutions.

Rather, the reason why private schools – not fair to bring up homeschooling, as such success speaks to the instructional talent of parents or learning ability of students – generally outperform public schools is because the former inherently have better access to relevant resources, including tablets and laptops for students to benefit from personalized educational endeavors and software that facilitates such instruction, teachers with longer experience and positive references can better command high salaries that public schools typically can’t pay, and the fact that donors often give money to “better” schools – far more often private than public.

Preston Smith founded a now-eighteen-deep group of public charter schools in 2007 – Rocketship Education. One of its primary characteristics that sets it apart from other learning institutions is its location in neighborhoods that are of economic disadvantage. Having expanded across the nation, Smith learned a variety of tidbits of pedagogical info throughout its first decade of existence.

Teachers and administrators need to be OK with repealing previous educational plans. Smith had designed and rolled out a “flex model” at a select few private schools. After several weeks of testing, the majority of Rocketship Education locations loved it. However, because not all of them experienced such success, Preston decided to repeal it, even though he wanted to see it succeed from allocating so much time, effort, and resources towards it.

Parents need to demand great schools. Not only should they form groups and committees to found new public schools if their children’s current programs are failing to work – they must remove their kids from current locations if underperforming.

Flexible teachers, rather than ultra-experienced educators, are more important to RSED’s goals than other selections most competing schools look for. As Rocketship Education’s primary differentiating characteristic is its personalized education, teachers must be willing to change on a regular basis.