Stream Energy Philanthropy Re-Inventing Charitable Giving


A Dallas-based energy company may not have invented the concept of philanthropic corporate giving, but it has gone a long way toward perfecting the process.

Industry observers have been taking a second and third look at the way Stream Energy is implementing corporate giving. Stream was founded in 2005 as a direct selling agent in the global energy market. Growth of the company has been remarkable over the past decade. It’s bold idea to sell energy through a word-of-mouth process has been a game changer for the way customers buy energy.

Also, private individuals who opt to sell for Stream Energy have been able to achieve a new level of financial independence as they partner with Stream to create an additional stream of income for themselves.

The financial success of the company was leveraged from an early stage to pour a significant amount of money back into the community. The Stream Energy philanthropic organization is called “Stream Cares.” It has been operational for some 12 years and the scope and array of the projects is has tackled is impressive.

A case in point was the chaos resulting from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The devastating 2017 storm tied with Hurricane Katrina to be the largest tropical cyclone on record causing an estimated $125 billion in damage. Through Stream Cares, Stream Energy became one of the first non-government organizations to fund recovery programs, including alleviating the burdens suffered by its own customers.

The quick action of Stream Energy through its foundation was called, “a textbook example of how a Dallas-based corporation leveraged its charity and philanthropy” to make a significant difference on the ground when people needed it most.

But Stream Energy has developed a corporate culture and philosophy that makes giving a concept that is woven into the very DNA of the company. It doesn’t just wait around for disasters like Hurricane Harvey to spring into action. Stream Care has formed long-term and ongoing partnerships with such venerable originations as Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross.

Another major area where Stream has focuses charitable giving is fighting homelessness.