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Many entrepreneurs find it challenging to do business in the current environment. Challenges in the marketplace make the businesses operate at harsh conditions forcing others to shut down altogether. The newcomers face the wrath of the industry, especially if they don’t have firm foundations.

A recent survey found out that only 10 percent of startups live to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their ventures. The primary result of this phenomenon is the decline in job creation for the last ten years. Experts like Luke Lazarus have decided to stand on the gap and help some of the budding entrepreneurs.

Luke Lazarus is a consultancy guru that developed a knack for offering the upcoming businesspersons credible advice and support. Countless startups have benefited from his unmatched expertise growing to renowned ventures globally.

Luke nurtures the startups from the planning stage to the day the company launches an Initial Public Offering, IPO. Besides, the business consultant opens businesses selling them later at high profits. Many people fear to invest from scratch and find it better to buy the company that has gone through the baby steps.

Luke Lazarus spent the better part of his early years at his birthplace, Melbourne City, Australia. At eight years of age, Luke had entered the business industry, and the sky remains the limit for the talented consultant.

His academic, sports, and business prowess attracted many educational centers globally. His tenure at the Melbourne School of Business honed his business skills in a significant way after graduating with an MBA from the institution. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Success in business came early to him because he sold four companies before celebrating his 35th birthday. Luke Lazarus decided to apply his expertise and success in the industry as a business consultant. He had what it takes to offer the guidelines to a successful business career through training and practice.

Many new and struggling startups benefit from his professional approach that starts by evaluating the client’s weakness. Some of the clients have weakness in planning, and others from handling financial issues.

According to Luke Lazarus, there are many talented young entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, but they fail during the initial stages due to lack of guidance. His duty as a consultant is to help such focused young investors through various stages.

Lazarus assists them in planning their businesses by highlighting their vision, financial models, and constructing a method of selling their plan to the customers. He also trains them on how to come up with state-of-the-art presentations that attract financial support.

Many upcoming investors fail because of entering the industry at the wrong time. They lack the expertise and programs to study the market. Luke Lazarus offers advice on the same by analyzing the market before launching the business.

The new entrepreneurs learn how to set the budget and the timeline of the company to find out the profitability in all stages. Lazarus, however, warns the investors not to experiment in the industry but must come up with a story. He believes that if one believes in their success, everything goes according to the storyline.

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