Rebel Wilson Fights Her Way To Comedic Stardom


 From Shyness to Acting Classes

Like most stars that make it to the top, the “overnight” rise to fame meandered thru ups and downs, setbacks and new twists and turns in the road to Hollywood.

Rebel Wilson has won the hearts of millions of her fans throughout the world with her infectious smile and brilliant and confident humor.

It was this unique combination of being able to be a funny while down to earth, accepting setbacks while keep moving forward, seeing the bright side in the midst of those who worked against her journey into the spotlight, that made her the well-loved person she has become to the worldwide fans who follow her. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

Keeping an Eye on the Road Ahead

Today many in the world who see her successes, her flights to highly sought after resorts, being able to pick the movies she is part of, as a quick road to success. That would be an underestimate since Rebel Wilson’ road to success had plenty of cancelled shows and people who doubted her talent.

Also, her personal life had heartbreaks and a broken relationship. Rebel Wilson didn’t allow those temporary defeats to take her spirit away. She simply redoubled her efforts and marched forward with her heart set on what she wanted to accomplish with her life. Her Aussie spirit kept her afloat thru the ups and downs.

With Peers Comes Pressure

Rebel Wilson was born in Sydney on the Western Side of Australia. She had several siblings she grew up with: Liberty, Annachi, and Ryot. Both her parents were do-lovers, especially, they loved breading beagles.

Rebel Wilson worked hard against her shyness and helped her parents at the dog-shows she attended with them, sometimes showing the beagles. Rebel Wilson had to be coaxed into attending acting classes by her Mum, who otherwise would have preferred staying in the car.

Her First Acting Class

Her Mother seeing her daughters need to express the talent that lay deep inside of her, simply left her at acting classes and drove off for two hours, until class was over. Rebel Wilson says her family didn’t see her talent as being funny at all.

Her family sees themselves as funnier than Rebel Wilson, but it was Rebel who ultimately landed before producers and actors in Hollywood as a professional comedian. Though Rebel Wilson had the talent inside her self she realizes now how her Mother played an instrumental role in getting the spark of talent ignited at an early age.

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Alex Pall: The One-Half of The Chainsmokers


The release of Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring multi-talented songstress Halsey brought a new light to the dynamic duo. Unlike their previous smash hits releases like Don’t Let Me Down and Rose, we get to see the singing aspect by one half of the duo.

The development has become an interesting part given the reliance on songwriters and vocalists for the addition of the human element in the electronic sound waves. The move has been taunted to personalize The Chainsmokers Brand and paint the duo as true artists. Alex Pall has been at the forefront of creating intimacy n a genre often void of emotions and human element.

During an interview with Alex Pall grew up in the DJ environment in New York City. But at the moment, it was more of a side hustle and hobby. Alex Pall was working at an art gallery when he noticed the impact of dance music on his life.

Through working with his manager, Alex Pall was able to meet up with his counterpart Drew. The chemistry between the duo was imminent and they immediately started working together.

Drew was a multitalented producer and Alex Pall has a couple of DJ gigs within his marketing social network. They began working on establishing their identity as artists together. It was here that the fans started relating to the music at a much deeper level.

Alex Pall admits and refutes that as D duo in the electronic dance music genre, it has hard for them to build a strong identity as real artists. Alex Pall revealed that they work with songwriters with the lyrics references their lives.

Alex Pall also hailed Halsey for the collaboration Closer. He also revealed that they had been eyeing her for some time. Her uniqueness made her the best fir for the collabo. Alex Pall revealed that the song was masterminded by Drew and their friend on the tour bus. With Drew’s singing capabilities and their production prowess, Alex Pall sees the combination as something uncommon in their music genre.

Alex Pall also spoke on the change when it comes to the live shows and their expanding fan base. They duo was in consultation with their visualist on creating new content daily. He hopes that this would cross boundaries and offer new experiences.

Ryan Seacrest & His Multi-Faceted Career


As many would agree, Ryan Seacrest is a big name in entertainment today. He is mostly known for his work as a host for popular television shows like “American Idol”. Nevertheless, others know him for being a radio broadcaster on the Los Angeles-based radio station, 98.7 FM. His career is very extensive and goes far beyond the surface of what most people know.

Ryan Seacrest started out hosting kids’ shows. Some of his earliest hosting assignments included “Gladiator 2000” in 1994, “Wild Animal Games” on the Fox Family Channel in 1995, and “Click” in 1997. One of the greatest things about his career is that there were moments when one opportunity led to another. For example, through his work on the show, “Click”, a new door opened for him to have an afternoon gig at the 98.7 FM radio station in Los Angeles. It is on this radio broadcast that he entertains a great number of listeners, many of whom are commuters in traffic looking forward to his show, “Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home”.

At the start of the new millennium, as per Men’s Journal, awesome doors began to open. It was the summer of 2002 that Ryan Seacrest’s legendary work on American Idol began. Although this exact type of show had been done before in other countries, it was a first in America and Ryan Seacrest was asked to lead it. Gladly, he took the opportunity and ran with it for many years, as it is now one of his most well-known appearances.

Now, Ryan Seacrest has expanded his career to include new areas that he is passionate about. He has joined as a host with Kelly Ripa on the Live with Kelly and Ryan show, which airs on weekday mornings. Yet, the latest expansion of his career includes the official red carpet announcement made by his appearance in a suit from his very own clothing line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which came out in 2014. Finally, he has also decided to give back to youth through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, where he supports students’ interests in entertainment within the realm of education.

Twitter: @RyanSeacrest

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