Paul Mampilly Explains How Blockchain Might Make Identity Theft A Thing Of The Past


Blockchain technology is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies in most people’s minds who know about it. However, it might just someday be known for putting a stop to identity theft. That’s the opinion of stock picker and financial analyst Paul Mampilly. He sees this technology as ideal for making sure people are who they say they are.

Up until now, when people need a government-issued document they have to go through an onerous process. To get your driver’s license renewed, for instance, you will probably have to sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair for half the day. This is also true of trying to get social security cards, birth certificates, passports, and so on.

There’s a better way of proving who you are, Paul Mampilly has said. Using blockchain, people could have instant access to information about themselves such as proof of their address, proof of identification, and so on. Blockchain technology can be used to give people access to this information in a very secure way that cyberthieves can’t get at.

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Nobody knows who invented blockchain by they go by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. This person wanted to create a digital currency that people could use to make payments online instead of with a credit or debit card. It’s the technology behind bitcoin and other digital currencies. Paul Mampilly thinks that blockchain will last longer than cryptocurrencies will because it’s more useful out in the real world.

The genius of blockchain is that people need a code to access your information. However, that information isn’t stored in a centralized location where it’s hackable. Instead, it’s spread out to hundreds, even thousands, of computers around the world in small chunks. The code that makes up blockchain is ever-changing and highly complex, making it ideal for preventing hacking.

Paul Mampilly says that blockchain can be used to provide instant access to a person’s information while being secure. This technology could eliminate carrying around driver’s licenses and other identity documents. It can even eliminate the need to carry around debit and credit cards making carrying around a wallet a thing of the past.


Raffaele Riva: Angel Investor in New York and London


Raffaele Riva is a British National who worked hard to get many degrees in London and around the London area and ended with his MBA from the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. He is a successful businessman and often credits his enthusiasm, for entrepreneurship to when he worked as a small startup tech-firm with friends that he went to school with. He quickly gained an interest in investing and quickly realized that he wanted to be an angel of sorts and help other starting companies and their CEOs realize their company’s potential and how to scale up to the next level. He has made a name for himself in both New York and London as an early stage investor. Riva recently did an interview and answered some burning questions that we want to know about him.

What is a typical morning for you?

He wakes up every day, seven days a week before the sun is up and goes to his favorite coffee shop to check emails and start the day. He is currently working with several CEOs and small businesses that are located across the world so an early day is required so that he can keep up with all the businesses he is working with. He usually works from home for the first few hours of the day and he and his family are then out of the door for the day by 7:30 am.

What is a healthy habit you have?

He has come to find that in order for his mind to work properly and focus on his business’ success, he needs his body to be sharply tuned and focused as well. He goes for a short run every day which allows him to focus, release stress, and be more productive overall.

Luke Lazarus Helps Steer Companies from Startup to Mature Businesses


It is very unlikely for new businesses to grow and thrive to their maximum potential before becoming broken apart into tiny pieces by storms that face the marketplace. According to a considerable number of sources, 90% of all new businesses collapse within the first five years of their establishment.

While a good number of new startups fall flat, there is also a small number of entrepreneurs who have the ability to turn everything they touch into gold and are able to incubate new startups and successfully make them big businesses that make huge profits. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

It is not just luck that enables these super entrepreneurs to make their businesses flourish but knowledge and skills that enable them to make their businesses bloom to their fullest potential.

Such super entrepreneurs at times become tired of amassing personal wealth and commit themselves to aid business people who did not have the same advantage as them in the business world, aiding them to move up the ladder and prevent the death of their businesses.

Luke Lazarus is a good example of a super-entrepreneur who utilizes his winning techniques to help and support people starting new businesses. He was born and brought up in Melbourne, Australia.

He established his very first business at the tender age of 8 years and has been immersed in the business world since then. His performance while in high school was notable and also excelled in several sports. He enrolled in the Melbourne Business School where he acquired a master of business administration.

After completion of his studies, he founded four companies and sold them for a significant sum of money. He then gave up his financial position and decided to use his abilities to aid entrepreneurs to steer their businesses to attain their maximum potential. He became a business consultant and designed a startup consulting that has never been witnessed.

During the course of his career, Lazarus Luke has been striving to help other business people achieve their business objectives. Lazarus has supported many businesses to move from startups to mature businesses. He has built a name for himself for his honesty and forthrightness and he believes that being realistic in the business world is a dire necessity.

One of the most crucial roles that Lazarus plays is helping new businesses to frame their operations in a manner that conforms to the investors and venture capitalists that they intend to attract.

Therefore, Lazarus uses his wealth of experience to help configure his client’s businesses in a form that will attract investors and venture capitalists.

He believes that helping the companies of his clients to become attractive to investors also at the same time helps to increase the chance of success of these companies even if they fail to secure the venture capital.