Successes of Nick Sarnicola


Marketing is a strong strategy that can bring development to a company. Through advertising, people gain product awareness about the overall services and endeavors of a company. People involved in marketing a company’s products must possess unique skills to create product and service differentiation between the firm and other ventures in the market. Marketing gurus like Nick Sarnicola have lived to tell the tale of their expertise. As an expert in network marketing, he has reduced competition at the ViSalus venture. He has advised many people on the essentials for a successful business through his platforms on social media and the company’s website. He is an executive with exemplary skills in leadership that knows the best way to handle his workers. For more information about Nick Sarnicola, visit his crunchbase profile

Nick Sarnicola is a team-oriented leader that likes to share tasks and thoughts with others. Besides siding with his employees, he gains most of his strength from his wife Ashley, who supports and encourages him to be a go-getter. The support and respect that he receives from his employees, close friends, and family have facilitated most of the achievements at his company. His dedication to succeed is evident from the many roles he has played in the company. He started low at the firm, and within a few months, he received a promotion to higher positions, and he is today a famous executive that has changed the world.

Nick Sarnicola honors technology. He has always stayed alert on the current issues affecting the market. He stays woke to monitor the progress of the competitors of the ViSalus Company. When his competitors are doing well, he finds stronger strategies to make the operations and sales of the venture better and higher. He also identifies the new issues that arise in the industry and later incorporates them in the company to create a smooth operation with a competition that is not harmful. Nick Sarnicola respects the law and the vast information he has in the latter, prevents his company from experiencing losses due to closure or collision with the authorities. Besides, he embraces meaningful partnerships in the company and his excellence and knowledge in advertising has favored his career and growth of his venture.

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Nitin Khanna a Shrewd Businessman and Philanthropist


Nitin Khanna is an Indian American serial entrepreneur with interests in a wide array of industries such as the technology industry, merger, and acquisition industry, and the medical marijuana industry, among others. Nitin, who is originally from India, immigrated to the US to pursue his undergraduate studies. Nitin graduated from Purdue University with a degree and master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

In an interview, Nitin Khanna said one way through which people can remain productive in the workplace is by having free time in their busy schedules. Nitin says that all the business executives that he knows and has interacted with have unlimited free time. Nitin adds the crucial thing in getting that free time is learning how to build that time. Nitin Khanna as a business executive says that he has managed to build unlimited free time for himself since he has employed the best kind of people and has aligned them with his company culture and they know what he expects from them. As long as you have shown them the right direction then you can have time for yourself and your family says, Nitin. Nitin adds it is imperative to have free time that you can spend with the people you love and him being a family man spends his free time with his wife and four kids.

Nitin Khanna, even though he has unlimited free time, manages his time well, and prioritizes the most critical things in life. Nitin is very tight with time and does not engage in activities that are not productive. Before doing anything, Nitin Khanna first evaluates to see whether what he is about to do is productive or not. Nitin is very focused when it comes to time management and says if a meeting is supposed to take five minutes, he doesn’t see the reason why it should extend to more than that. Nitin says that he has learned his time management skills through experience, and he knows how to prioritize tasks as well as what needs to be addressed first.

Nitin Khanna big long term goals that he is hoping to achieve in his career is setting up companies that will continue existing even a hundred years from now. Nitin Khanna says even though he left Cura Cannabis Solution, he hopes to see the company brand grow and continue to exists in twenty, thirty, or even more than forty years from now. Nitin gives an example with a company like Coca Cola that was started more than a century ago and is still a powerhouse in the food and beverage sector.

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Investor Ashley Brasier


From young age, Ashley Lightspeed wanted to be a an architect. However, when she would finally get around to her higher studies, she would realize that it was building businesses she enjoyed more than building actual structures.

Ashley’s higher education took place first at Duke. During this period, she spent some time abroad to study in Copenhagen where her ideas of what she wanted to do in life continued to evolve.

Her first professional job in the financial world came working for Bain as a consultant. She spent a few years there before she began to realize that it was time for a change. This led her to the fast growing world of business in Silicon Valley.

While in Silicon Valley, Ashley Lightspeed got a job with Thumbtack as a Category Manager working in the Events and Weddings categories. There, she realized that she wanted to delve deeper into business, specifically venture capitalism, and decided to pursue further studies. This led her to Stanford Graduate School of Business. To know more about Ashley Lightspeed follow her at

During her studies, she was not simply hitting the books, she was also exploring work as a consultant and helping young businesses and start-ups get off the ground. It was through these efforts that she came to the conclusion that she enjoys working in several different industries at the same time and that her passion is helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into actual businesses.

Ashley is now a valuable member of Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. Her job is to work with companies from the beginning to help them find the key to their growth. For her, the secret to her success is craftsmanship. According to Ashley, “craftsmanship is a spirit; it’s a way of building and creating that compels the creator to care deeply for the people they are creating for.”

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