Consultancy in the Marketing and Advertising Field


Gustavo Martinez, a name that when mentioned comes the topic of Marketing and Advertising. He is an entrepreneur and a consultant who has been in the marketing and advertising industry now for over 35 years. In his career, Gustavo has held high ranks in advertising and marketing companies in parts of the world. He has ever served at J.Walter Thompson Worldwide as its CEO as well as other companies. Before the rise of his career, he had worked at Henkel and Price Waterhouse, both of which are consulting firms. He worked as a consultant.



During his reign as a top leader, he led the firms into creating some of the famously known advertisements. In all his work, he is one person that has been sought after for his consulting expertise. It is a fact that his views and counsel are valued in the marketing and advertising field.



When asked about his daily routine, he responds by saying that he has typical busy days where upon waking up at 7 Am, he has breakfast with the company of his family, reads the day’s business news, checks emails and later heads to work around 9 Am. His work goes on until around 7-9 pm. With this routine, many people refer to him as ever busy.



He admits that he is not the one who comes about with creative ideas. Most credit is given to his teams in the marketing and creative departments. They have a good ability to diversify ideas and a high level of critical thinking as well. The experience that these teams have is breath-taking and is also part and parcel of the whole marketing and advertising process. Gustavo motivates these teams through allocating work and projects in areas that they like and love. This is facilitated by him identifying their abilities as well as talents.



One of the greatest recommendations to fellow entrepreneurs by Gustavo Martinez is generosity. He says that it goes a long way in driving one’s business and plays a major role in the success stories of entrepreneurs and their businesses. He says that one should offer everyone a chance to express their views as well as consider the diversity in opinions.



If he had a chance to advise his younger self, he says that he would advocate for patience and also take things slowly and focus at an idea at a time while actualizing it. Among the things that he values is charity but goes on to say that charity work should be done with a genuine heart and not for selfish gains. Charity is his way of giving back to society.



He says that active listening, being generous and appreciating others in all means with respect to business are the key factors that have helped him thrive. He also adds that sourcing for the best talent in employees adds a lot of value to the business.


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How Nitin Khanna Stays Productive With His Large Business Portfolio


Nitin Khanna has had quite an interesting and varied career path over the past few decades, with much of this being in the investment world. The Portland-based investment giant studied at Purdue University and graudated with an MA in industrial engineering, although he only spent a few years working in the engineering world before moving into finance and investing. While still working in technology, Nitin Khanna founded Saber Corp, which grew quickly and eventually became the largest supplier of IT solutions to state governments. This rapid success led to a significant amount of revenue, with Khanna then selling the company to EDS, where he worked for a short time before deciding to leave the firm.

This was because he had a desire to start another business, with this leading to the foundation of MergerTech, which serves as a boutique M&A advice firm. Throughout this time, Nitin Khanna has helmed the company as its CEO, leading the company to a variety of partnerships and investments since it was founded in 2009. For the past decade, MergerTech has helped a considerable amount of businesses with their growth and client development strategies. However, this doesn’t mean that Khanna has solely worked with MergerTech in the past ten years; on the contrary, he sits on the board of a few different companies. Chief among these are the likes of TiE Oregon and more.

Nitin Khanna’s business portfolio has also expanded into the growing cannabis industry, with the investment figure launching Cura Cannabis Solutions in 2015. Since the company was established, it’s grown across the country and begun expanding its headquarters extensively. This large portfolio has led to many people questioning Khanna on how he manages to stay productive without it negatively affecting his work. As he has highlighted numerous times, effective time management plays a considerable role on this.

Nitin Khanna has highlighted the fact that the skill can have quite a large effect on his productivity, although he’s highlighted the fact that it can take a certain amount of patience to master. Alongside this, he’s noted that proper delegation can also play a role in an upper management figure’s productivity, although this takes a significant amount of trust in employees.

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Nitin Khanna in the Entrepreneurship Industry


Mr. Nitin Khanna is the current Chief Executive Officer of the MergerTech Company. He pursued his masters and undergraduate degrees in Engineering from the Purdue University which is located in Portland. After Nitin was done with his education, he worked in several large companies where he gained the skills, experience and expertise to start his own company. His initial company was known as Saber Corp. This was a technology firm which he started in the year 1998. This hardworking man dedicated all his efforts into the betterment of his company which later on grew tremendously to be the leading independent company that provided various solutions to the government.

Nitin Khanna learnt various techniques while running the Saber Corp company and these techniques were a gateway to establishing MergerTech Company. The company offers technological solutions to its customers. Nitin Khanna is also a member in various company boards such as Vendscreen and Classic Wines Action. He is also on the forefront to ensure that both the recreational and medical cannabis industries are legalized for operations. He established the Cura Cannabis company which provides cannabis oil to a very large population.

Nitin reveals that he was born and brought up in an entrepreneurial family and he grew up watching the various family business perform so well. This was the force that pushed him to venture in to entrepreneurship. The Saber Corp company was also a result of his partnership with his brother. Nitin Khanna believes that the employees of a company are the major determinants of the company’s success level. Therefore, for a company to perform well it should always have the right workers. Nitin Khanna also believes in executions and not ideas. This is because most businesses today put all their focus on execution.

Nitin Khanna says that working with talented people is one of the ways that can help in the fast growth of a company. Nitin Khanna advices people to always be good managers of their time and to always manage their free time in the most productive way. Nitin Khanna also adds that he never involves himself with unproductive activities.

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