Our Eco-System At Risk!


Our natural resources worldwide are in trouble. This is a simple, true, and extremely frightening fact. We are overpopulated. Our soil, water, and the air we breathe is polluted with highly toxic chemicals that causes birth defects in our unborn babies, cancers, and diseases to all mankind. The so called “progress” that has been taking place on Earth since the early 50’s, has finally caught up with all of her natural resources that she has given freely to us. We are all guilty of misusing her natural grace. There are laws in place for our environment. We are in crisis and if we do not each participate in changing our way of using our resources, we will be leaving our children, grandchildren, and yes, their children to a life of futility.

In 1970, the Environmental Law, (known as the National Environmental Policy Act), was established and passed to protect the environment from public or private actions that could cause damage to the Earth. The Environmental Quality Improvement Act was also passed to work in conjunction with the National Environmental Policy Act. These laws were put into place to help provide goals and laws that would help minimize the risk of potential threats to our environment. Before these laws were passed, there were no regulations or written rules officially documented to protect our environment. It became more evident that we were having major damage done to our environment and as a country and as a universe, we all realized that laws would have to be put into place to protect it. As time continues to evolve, the threat to our eco-system strengthens. There are more and more pollutants out there that can and will cause even more problems with our natural resources. Our environmental laws have helped tremendously to make the public aware of all dangers, but there are still more improvements that need to take place. This will involve updating the present environmental laws that are now in place to ensure the protection of our environment for future generations.

South African lawyer, Frans Schoeman, is renowned on about.me as a specializing attorney with many years of expertise in several different types of law. He is an environmentalist and believes in the conservation of our natural resources. He feels we should unite and do our part to save our world! Together, we can do it!

The environmental laws are very long and complicated and to the common person, very hard to understand. Environmental Law is considered a relatively new branch of law in which to specialize. A lawyer going into the environmental branch of law has to meet the requirements set forth for this particular profession in either a state, country, or region. They will be required to represent their clients in all matters that can occur from air, water, soil pollution to the preservation of our environment. Their man focus will be in obtaining regulation in any human activity that would have an affect on the biological and geological system.