Eric Pulier: Successful Businessman & Contributer:


Eric Pulier is an successful businessman ans author. Eric Pulier has a great impact on the technology industry. Mr. Pulier has written numerous technology based articles that have been featured on Bloomberg Network as well as CNBC.

Eric Pulier is a graduate of Harvard University. While at Harvard Pulier studied computers, technology as well as literature. A few years after graduation from Harvard, Pulier created his first company. The company was named “People doing Things”. The company primarily focused on educational as well as medical technology.

People doing Things was moderately successful and Pulier felt as if he was on his way to bigger and better things. Therefore, Eric Pulier started another business called “Media Platform”. Media Platform seemed to be even more successful than the previous company “People doing Things”.

Other companies that Pulier founded included Us Media Interactive as well as an organization called Akana. Desktone was another company founded by Eric Pulier. Desktone seemed to attract a large number of investors due to the fact that it focused on Desktop computers. It can be said that Eric Pulier achieved great financial success and recognition at a fairly young age.

Aside from the world of technology, Eric Pulier has taken an interest in charitable causes. Pulier established something called “Starbright”. Starbright enables children in distress to communicate in a secure manner on line with other children who are also experiencing difficult times. Eric Pulier’s on line creation turned out to be a huge success.

Eric Pulier is currently a Board Member of X-Prize Foundation. In addition, Pulier also runs a non-profit summer camp for children. Eric Pulier is a person that has certainly given back a great deal to the less fortunate.

Pulier has exceptional writing abilities and has co-authored a book called “Understanding Enterprise” The book received rave reviews and remained on the top seller list for 12 consecutive weeks to learn more about us: click here.

In 2017, Eric Pulier started another company called V-Atomic systems. The company is another technology based organization that creates digital tracking products. Pulier currently resides within the LA area with his family.