Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Eyeshadow Palettes Are Here


Everyone loves a little throwback. From music, movies, and TV shows to snacks and toys, feeling the nostalgia of the joy and innocence of childhood is one of the best experiences of adulthood. The Polly Pocket toys were just one of the staple toys of many 90s childhoods. You may not be able to find 90’s Polly Pocket toys in stores anymore, but now you can relive your childhood with Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes. This new eyeshadow product by Lime Crime hit the market today and is on its way to becoming the next big thing in eye makeup. Just as you once carried your little Polly Pocket dolls everywhere as a child, these Polly-inspired palettes can fit in your makeup bag, or your purse, and go everywhere with you.

Nothing could ever replace the nostalgia of the original Polly Pocket toys, but the Lime Crime Candy Palettes do offer something Polly never did: functionality. While Polly Pockets were just pulled out for playtime or show-and-tell, these Pocket Candy Palettes open up to reveal a mirror and full-sized eyeshadow palette. The cases come in three colorful shades, and each palette offers both bright and neutral shades of buttery shadows, so there’s something for every style, every occasion, and every mood. Polly Pockets were once the toys of our childhood, and now the Pocket Candy Palettes can be the toys of our adulthood.

You can purchase one palette for $34, or get the whole bundle for $90. They can be purchased from Lime Crime’s website.

Need more than just eyeshadow? No problem. Lime Crime doesn’t just sell the new Pocket Candy Palettes. They also offer fun and colorful makeup brushes, hip pop-on nails, a variety of hair colors, and many, many shades and styles of lipstick. Whether you’re looking for a throwback or a step forward in beauty, Lime Crime’s makeup line is just what you are looking for.