L’Oréal’s Nicolas Krafft Change in Fashion industry


The vice president in global business development L’Oréal Nicolas Krafft recently promoted the L’Oréal fashion show and brand in France. The glamorous beauty show was held in Paris, France. Aside from showcasing their new brands they wanted to show the need for loreal to promote beauty and fashion. Nicolas Krafft and his marketing members promotes the L’Oréal brand during the annual events. A diverse number of models participated in the show such as Eva Longria, Ella Fanning among others. The Paris based beauty company demonstrated their creativity all through the show where the event was graced by a number of prominent fashion icons. Nicolas Krafft help in the organization of L’Oréal Paris show where screens were placed from the outside to give a beautiful view from a distance.

Aside from promoting fashion and beauty, L’Oréal has an ambition to promote ethics in their company. The company follows ethical principles that guides them in respect for human rights, environmental responsibility, observing social responsibilities among others. According L’Oréal’s Senior Vice-President and Chief Ethics Officer Emmanuel Lulin, the company bases itself on four ethical principles- transparency, integrity, courage and respect. To ensure that the company follows their ethical approach, they hold an ethics day that helps all L’Oréal’s employees to interact in matters regarding ethics. They hold live shows through WeChat where they engage in an open discussion on the importance of ethics in an organization.

In addition, loreal engages in promotion of ethics and ethical standards throughout the organization. in every country, they have put up correspondents in ethics who reprints their brand. Among to the expression of unethical behavior by the employees, the company has come up with events, website on speak up interactions, an eLearning .in the recent years, the company brought about its advocacy in human rights where the company was recognized as the world’s most ethical companies by Ethisphere Institute. The company together with one of its senior staff in ethics Emmanuel Lulin are recognized by the United Nations in the promotion of the sustainable development goal. Nicolas Krafft has been promoting L’Oréal’s fashion and beauty throughout the and has brought about a positive change since he gained the position in 2014.