The Difference That The RealReal Makes in a Society


One of the basic human needs is clothing, according to Abraham Maslow; which anyone can agree to. It explains the reason why the textile and clothing business is becoming too popular in the powerhouse. For RealReal, they are leading the market in offering the people with the best. RealReal is a company that deals with resale that has grown over the years in the secondhand business because they provide smart and luxury products like handbags, jewelry, clothing, shoes, and many more.

The company focuses on the resale of high quality and affordable products that are in high demand to people of all social classes. The other thing they care about apart from being fashion minded, they have one goal of offering authenticity and sustainability of their products so that they give their customers more than the value of their money but also satisfy them. It’s because they want to ensure that they fulfill the diversionary needs of their clients to making shopping easy that it has ever been. For any shopping customer, they will be keen when it comes to trend, texture, quality, rates, and personal preferences.

In 2018, there was a survey that was carried out about the retail industry, and it uncovered how the business worked. During the investigation, the feedback is that over the years, the customer’s preference changed. The other thing that what in the back days was considered as less chic for being secondhand it’s now in high demand. Ideally, the behavior and preferences of buyers are changing. It has made it easy for people that can’t afford luxury items now they can because of the help of second-hand items. For example, to get a real Gucci product it will be too expensive because of how they are in high demand, however, by using RealReal, a buyer can get the same at an affordable price.

The RealReal Company deals with luxury goods retail and is located in San Francisco. For it to serve its customers, they have two storefronts, one in New York that was launched in 2007, and the other one is located in West Hollywood founded in 2018.

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Mirror Mirror On the wall, Entrepreneur Doe Deere is here to Change It All


In today’s society, it is all about fitting in with current fashion and beauty trends. Appearance has become a way of conforming and fitting in but the artist and entrepreneur Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and more recently the jewelry company Poppy Angeloff, is creating her own movement to challenge that philosophy. Deere believes in using clothing and makeup as a way of expressing your inward self and showing it off with confidence!

In her newest line, Poppy Angeloff, Deere pursued the look and feel of the Victorian era with bold colors. Filled with inspiration from family heirlooms, she spent months devoted to research to create high-quality Victorian jewelry that people will want to pass down for centuries to come. Deere wanted to create pieces that hold significance, symbolism, and character without compromising quality craftsmanship; pieces that even Deere will hand-down to her daughter one day.

Doe Deere does not shy away from a challenge and knows what it means to incredibly work hard for her passions. A portion of her teenage years spent living in shelters with her mother and sister was where she learned that building a community was crucial for success. She wants people to feel courageous and fully express themselves which is the goal behind her cosmetic line, Lime Crime Cosmetics. Starting in her and her husband’s small New York apartment, she created the extremely successful Lime Crime Cosmetics on a risky gamble. Bold, vibrant, and lively were not a part of current trends but Deere believed she could help people look at fashion as a form of art and expression. The focus of all her products is on the customer. She wants everyone to feel utterly unapologetic in expressing themselves through her vibrant makeup and jewelry.

Upon receiving hundreds of appreciation letters from customers, Deere is continuing to stick to her goal in creating colorful and unique statement pieces. Her success is contributed to pursuing her passions, putting herself in the shoes of her customers, and taking risks on the unknown. Through her hard-work, Doe Deere is making fashion and beauty fun again through emphasizing self-expression and confidence.

Fabletics Thinks about the Future


Fabletics is an activewear brand that is a part of the fashion juggernaut TechStyle Fashion Group. Under the juggernaut’s umbrella, Fabletics is one of the most successful. These days, every popular brand starts out as an e-commerce business, which is not an easy market to find success.

Fabletics does have one clear advantage over other brands. It was co-founded by award-winning actress Kate Hudson. When Hudson joined the team, she immediately had a plan for the company. She wanted to create a brand that sold afforded on-trend activewear. At the time, Fabletics was the only affordable activewear brand.

These days, Fabletics is by no means the only discount retailer selling activewear. Wal-Mart and Target have their own activewear lines, but the fashion isn’t as on-trend as Fabletics’ lines. Activewear is still a growing trend, despite being a $40 billion industry already. By 2020, many experts predict that the market will have double in demand and supply.

Getting in on this growing trend before the explosion was just luck. What wasn’t luck was Fabletics’ strategy for luring new customers to their site. Activewear is most popular amongst millennials, who also love social media. This is where the brilliance of Fabletics’ marketing comes into play.

Marketing strategies aren’t the easiest to understand, but the concepts are easy to understand. Fabletics wanted to have a bright online presence so that new customers could find their business. These days, attracting new customers isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Back in the day, companies just needed to tell people about their products and sell them at fair prices. Now, customers expect a lot more from their favorite brands. Fabletics was founded on a premise that revolved around selling affordable products that customers would actually like and want to buy.

Fortunately, in such a digital world, most of the hard work is done by their members. People love looking up online reviews and learning about businesses before buying anything from them. Fabletics has a brilliant online presence supported by numerous non-sponsored online sources that honestly reviewed their products and found the brand to be worth the money spent.

Of course, some people don’t like Fabletics but that doesn’t stop the 1.2 million monthly members from enjoying all of Fabletics’ discounts. Non-members can even take a lifestyle quiz and see what products they might like.