The Infinity Group Australia Reaches Prestigious Recognition


The Infinity Group Australia has been recently recognized as the number 58 most innovative company in all of Australia. The prestigious honor was given to the company by the Australian Financial Review. The AFR has conducted this listing for its seventh year this year and the Infinity Group Australia has managed to make it to the top one hundred. It would seem as if the success of the company is a direct reflection of the success of its co-founder, Graeme Holm.


Graeme Holm has also been recognized as a top 100 Broker in the Nation. He has managed to co-found the Infinity Group Australia financial services company with his life and business partner, Rebecca Walker. Graeme Holm has worked for the major four banking environment for almost a decade and has acquired much valuable experience from it. He decided to leave the banking system that he was working for because he got frustrated with the pushing of one branded products and by how the banks were giving very poor deals to their clients.


After Graeme Holm’s frustration subsided, he decided to change into motivation, drive and inspiration. He used the unfairness of the situation as the fuel that lit his entrepreneurial fire. It was then that he decided to start up his own financial services company. Before the Infinity Group Australia was founded, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker conducted research and development for it. During this time, they realized what it was that all of the other banking structures were lacking.


The other banking institutions were not conducting ongoing support and guidance for their clients. This is where Infinity Group Australia makes the innovation. The Infinity Group Australia has a customer-first approach. When a normal bank gives out a loan to a person or business, it marks the end of the broker’s job. This is the point where Infinity Group Australia takes it further. The innovative company applies a personal trainer style relationship with their clients.


The Infinity Group Australia reviews have been 100% positive and all of the company’s clients have experienced complete satisfaction from the services provided. The Infinity Group Australia assigns a personal banker to each and every client. This is for the purpose of helping the client to pay off the loan as fast as possible. The personal banker also helps the client to formulate an effective strategy to better manage their funds and helps them create wealth. Learn more :