Angela Koch Leads US Money Reserve


Angela Koch has been the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve for the past several years. As the top executive of the company, she has proven herself to a highly effective manager who has helped the company improve its operations as well as gain more positive recognition.

Koch has helped expand the company and improve its operations by getting the most out of her employees. She has stressed that regular promotions and added responsibility were keys to helping employees to reach their full potential. With employees that were performing at a high level, the company success would eventually follow as well.

When Angela Koch became the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, she looked to help enhance the development of the employees who worked at the company. Koch has often promoted many employees within months of working at the company.

This allows the employees to develop more skills, acquire more knowledge and also gain more confidence. With rapid advancement, employees are also given more incentive to perform at their best. The promotions have enabled the employees to get more practical experience.

When managing US Money Reserve, Angela Koch has also looked to provide employees with added responsibility. This has allowed many employees at the company to take on more tasks and develop more skills. With a more versatile group of employees, US Money Reserve is able to provide better service to customers. It is also able to run more efficiently as well. The added responsibility had thus enhanced the career development of the employees at US Money Reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

Before Angela Koch attained her position as the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, she spent some years working at other positions. She would prove herself to be a very dependable and productive employee for the company.

When managerial positions opened up, she was promoted. With these promotions she was able to get more knowledge about the company and this eventually led to her becoming the top executive. Koch developed a strong work ethic and a high sense of responsibility when she spent a number of years working multiple jobs before joining US Money Reserve.

US Reserve has established itself as the premier distributor of precious metals. The company was founded in Texas in the year 2001 and has steadily gained recognition as a very legitimate provider of gold and silver coins. These coins have proven to be valuable investment options for consumers who are looking to enhance their portfolios.

US Money Reserve also offers support for customers who are looking to get advice on how to benefit from the precious metals that they purchase. Consumers are also able to take advantage of a number of educational materials that provide them with update information about the latest trends in the precious metals market.

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Special Tips from Max Salk


The United States stretches across an entire continent. There are distinct culture hot spots in all regions. In the west, an individual can find the technology hub named Silicon Valley. While on the east coast, New York has morphed into one of the biggest culture hubs of the world. This is the kind of environment that breeds innovation. Max Salk lives life at his own pace. He can still be seen using the classic iPod despite the newest technology available. The website Positive the Facts recently sat down with Max Salk to discuss his unusual career outlook.

It all begins by embracing some fundamentals with his outlook on life. The first step is simply planting your feet on the ground. An individual can not progress forward first holding their ground. In order to maintain this status, he remains prepared at all times. However, Max Salk has a different definition of preparation than most. He doesn’t mean preparing for what is coming, but rather for what can not be expected. This lesson proved to be pivotal for his long term growth. During a morning outing one morning in the Netherlands, he couldn’t help but notice the beauty of fog mixed with the local nature. Max Salk brought his camera along just in case anything caught his eye, which paid off as some of his most well known work came from that trip.


Max Salk understands the need to capturing the moment. This means multiple things for him. First, it refers to his photography skills. The ability to capture a specific image under specific conditions could propel his reputation even further. At the same time, it means knowing how to make full use of each day. Trends and tastes are constantly evolving, meaning a business leader must be on top of such things. Lagging behind could be the end of your career.

Success in the modern work should be something you seek to obtain. The average person can not stumble into being in the right place at the time, but rather they can do little things to increase the odds of success.

TJ Maloney – Financial Expert with Years of Experience


TJ Maloney is the man who has helped taken the success of Lincolnshire Management to new heights in the last few years. After he joined the company in the year 1993, TJ Maloney made some constructive changes in which the company operated, which not only increased the company’s productivity but also its overall revenue and market reputation. TJ Maloney has become one of the well-recognized names in the financial world of the United States in recent times and currently serves as the CEO and chairman of Lincolnshire Management, which is one of the topmost private equity firms in the United States today.

TJ Maloney is a lawyer by profession and before joining Lincolnshire Management; he worked in the field of merger, acquisition and securities law for one of the top law firms in New York City. Having worked with a law firm that handled merger and acquisition for many leading financial organizations, TJ Maloney had the opportunity to look at the financial world closely and understand its dynamics illustratively. It also generated an interest in him to exploit the financial world further, and when the opportunity knocked the doors in the year 1993, he didn’t miss it and joined Lincolnshire Management immediately. Over the years, he has greatly contributed towards its success and helped the company grow within a small period of time.

Lincolnshire Management was named by CNN and also Forbes as the fifth best private equity firm in the United States in the year 2011, which was mainly due to the leadership of TJ Maloney. The company currently manages more than $1.7 billion in private equity funds. The primary focus of investments of Lincolnshire Management has been the service sector, manufacturing, and distribution. As of now, the company has invested and acquired more than 85 companies in the middle-market and continues to look for new investment opportunities through its team of investment and equity specialists. The company is looking to expand in many other streams of investments in the coming years.

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