Louis Chenevert’s Early Life And Accession To Coveted Positions In The Manufacturing Industry


When starting out in the manufacturing industry, Louis Chenevert had no more than academic papers and an undying hunger for success. This manifested in his interests in business and entrepreneurship and would play a key role in helping him scale up the career ladder. While he started as an automobile industry operator, he would retire from a CEO’s position with the prestigious United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Early life

Louis was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, and would soon join Montreal University where he majored in Production management. Coming from a relatively humble background at a time when the region was undergoing explosive industrialization, Louis Chenevert developed key interests in entrepreneurship and business. More importantly, he understood the importance of hard work in both career and business success at an early age. These skills would come in handy in helping him scale up the career ladder in both the automobile and aerospace industries.

Bold career moves

Louis Chenevert started out as production assembly supervisor with General Motors plant in Quebec. His dedication to the success of the plant, commitment to the production of quality products, and a keen eye to details gained recognition from the company President, Guy Hachey.

While referring to Louis as one of the best executives to have ever worked under him, Hachey mentioned that the production lines leave no room for mistakes and Chenevert’s ensured that the company did not report defects. Hachey would also play a key role in encouraging Louis to transition from automobile to aerospace industries.

He would first take up a position with Pratt & Whitney Canada where he helped the plant cut down no operational costs by over 10 percent. Louis Chenevert was then named President of the struggling Pratt & Whitney. His innovative approach to factory processes and excellent staffing and organizational skills would, however, help the UTC subsidiary regain profitability.

Moving to United Technologies

Louis Chenevert’s contributions to PWC Canada and the United States saw him tapped for the Chairman’s position at United Technologies. At the time of his retirement from UTC, Louis served as the Corporations Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He also helped the manufacturer make its biggest move yet, the mass production of Geared Turbofan (GTF) Engine. Today, Louis maintains an advisory post with Goldman Sachs merchant banking division.


Southridge Capital: The Multi-million Dollar Deal, The Transformed Communities and The Intrepid Founder


Companies come and go, but fortunately, Southridge Capital LLC is still here to stay, providing more companies and managers in Connecticut the financial solutions they need to perform at their most optimal level. One of the recent big news that people would hear about Southridge Capital LLC these days is the fact that it landed on a $5 Million contract deal with Elite Data Services LLC.



The official announcement that Southridge Capital just opened an Equity Purchase Agreement with Elite Data Services, Inc. (EDS) can be found at PR News Wire. The announcement adds that the Southridge subsidiary Southridge Partners II LP would be acting as the agreement’s institutional investor. Secondly, it should be added that Elite Data Services has for quite some time now been regarded as the technology company that’s both able to leverage new programs in advertising to various clients as well as improve the advertising platforms online themselves. For more details visit Bloomberg.



Many companies in the area of automotive, gaming and hospitality have been grateful to the inventive solutions of Elite Data Services Inc, especially in the area of increasing revenues through new advertising platforms. The entire management of Southridge Capital, including Founder Stephen Hicks, CFO Narine Persaud, CFA Laurence Ditkoff and General Counsel Henry B. Sargent, are indeed thrilled to be part of such highly valued firm.



It may be because of the outstanding brand of Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) of Southridge that Elite Data has placed its trust on them. In an article posted in news portal Release Fact, it’s also indicated that bankruptcy advice, legal settlement and merger agreements are the other areas for which Southridge Capital is best known to offer its solutions. Check out this website southridgeholdingsllc.com for more.




It’s also forthcoming to add here the interview that Mr. Hicks did at Ideamensch. It is there that people can realize how Southridge is both passionate in delivering financial solutions to its clients, as well as building the communities around them. With Mr. Hicks’ non-profit group Daystar Foundation, he and his wife are able to make a direct impact to the community around them and improve the lives of those who are in need.


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