David Giertz’s advice to retirees


Most retirees are used to saving money instead of spending every coin they get. According to David Giertz a financial advisor, this approach helps the senior citizens to spend their money responsibly and at the same time enjoy their life. The saving culture may, however, instill in the retirees the fear to spend their money. You could, for example, find a retired millionaire declining to go on a vacation with his friends because he/she is afraid to spend some money. The person has had a lifetime habit of saving the extra money, and in turn, they have developed a negative attitude towards spending the money they have accumulated.

David Giertz says that as much as some retirees have saved a substantial amount of money in their entire career, it is important to spend their money wisely without making their lives so hard. They should put more focus on meaningful relationships and on the things that make them feel inspired and fulfilled. David encourages the senior citizens to live according to the plans they have put down, and balance the need to spend their saving and the urge to keep the savings. To be able to use your retirement money wisely, Giertz says that one ought to meditate on the purpose of life.

David Giertz has been practicing professional financial advice for more than three decades. He is the president of the sales and distribution department at Nationwide Financial. His leadership enabled the company to grow from a portfolio of $11 billion to $17.8 billion. He has also helped in distributing life insurance policies and retirement plans.

Before joining Nationwide, David Giertz was working at Citigroup for about 10 years. He has been huge when it comes to being involved with the community. Today he is a board member at Millikan University. David Giertz is on social media and uses these platforms to share his knowledge with his followers.