Matt Badiali: Empowering Investors


At a tender age, Matt Badiali witnessed his father struggle with investing. He graduated with a B.S in earth sciences from Penn State University. Matt pursued a Masters in Science in geology at Florida Atlantic University. In 2004, a friend requested Matt to work with him in the development of investment techniques that could empower the ordinary investors after noticing a unique aspect in him. Together they would develop investment advice and strategies which the typical investor would use in their businesses for success in their investments. Matt Badiali is now recognized for his input in helping investors find the best channels to invest with his father in mind as his inspiration.

Compelled to achieve more in the field, Matt Badiali launched the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter in partnership with Banyan Hill Publishing. His immense knowledge in science and investments in energy, metal, and natural resources made the newsletter to attract a significant number of subscribers in a short span. Matt loves to work closely with people and consults the appropriate expert to ensure consistency and accuracy in the investment advice he gives. His quest for knowledge and more insights has seen him travel to various countries inclusive of Haiti, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Turkey among others where he visited company headquarters to seek extraordinary investment ideas that he gladly shares with investors. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

Matt Badiali, an investment expert, has been involved with the exploration and production of some of the prominent petroleum used globally. His immense knowledge and intelligence in the field have transformed Matt to a significant asset to investors who have had huge benefits from following his recommendations. As a geologist and financial analysts, Matt provides strategies in market research, analysis, and stock tips to investors eyeing investments in natural resources and commodities.

His expertise and advice have transformed companies from struggling statuses to multi-million companies globally. Real Wealth Strategists that is delivered to the subscriber’s emails provides insightful information on the latest movements in natural resources. Recently, Real Wealth Strategists has started giving insights to people who wish to invest in Marijuana, where people will benefit from the federal legalization of Marijuana.


Felipe Montoro Jens a Valuable Asset to Companies


The Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaptacao S.A. is Felipe Montoro Jens. He is also the Chairman of Consessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. A large part of his knowledge and practice of financial issues he learned from the company Santo Antonio Energia. He worked there at one time and while there was the Director. He now works to cut down on economic waste in governments and corporations. This can help these entities to become more financially responsible. Read article about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens attended the Getulio Vargas Foundation. It is an outstanding school in Brazil. He received a business degree while he was there. The school has been in existence since 1944. The skills and knowledge to succeed in the sphere of the international business world he attained from this school. He then improved upon this and attended Arizona State University. While there he went to a school of business called the Thunderbird School of Global Management. International business communities around the world recognize this school as being outstanding.

After attending and graduating college Felipe Montoro Jens began to enter into the world of business in Brazil. He established himself and career while he was a member on many corporate boards. He was involved in water and waste concessions, chemical development, and energy generation. Some of the companies he worked with are named Brasken, Atvos, Foz and others. His skills proved to be in demand and this lead to him being offered and accepting employment in the country of Portugal. He helped to raise capital while there in both Asian and European markets. He brought to the table his knowledge of oil markets along with energy and mining markets in Latin America and Africa. Felipe Montoro Jens with his international experience and education has been a valuable asset for companies.

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