Fortress Investment Group And The Deal With iPass


Fortress Investment Group, an investment management company from NY, recently worked out a $20 million worth partnering dealwith iPass. Was the agreement well accepted in the Fortress Investment Group?

The Brief History Of Fortress Investment Group

FIG was founded in 1998, by three gentlemen named Wesley R. Edens, Randal A. Nardone and Rob Kauffman. The company immediately started growing roots in the hedge fund sector, loans, and various real estate investments. More importantly, they worked very closely with Goldman Sacs.

The company snowballed, netting 39.7% in the time span of seven years (from 1999 to 2006.) They launched on the NYSE in 2007, becoming the first large private equity company to be traded publically. The company went through a rough time during the 2008 Financial Crisis but has managed to bounce back.

Moreover, in 2014 FIG was named “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” by the Institutional Investor. FIG went through major changes on its road to the success. Nevertheless, the firm went forward with each new decision, and with each new deal, they made.

In one 2016 report, it was calculated that the Fortress Investment Group was worth $70.2 billion. More importantly, it showed the four primary sources of revenues: credit (mostly loans), private equities, free markets and traditional asset management.

On Recent Deal With iPass

iPass is one of the leaders in providing global connectivity options. Their $20 million deal with Fortress Investment Group netted them %50 of the mentioned summa instantly. iPass CEO boasted about this deal, claiming that this injection will help improve their financial structure.

But the deal was also greeted in Fortress Investment Group. They have always been investing on a low term basis, seeking technological trends. The fact that the FIG invested in iPass means that the iPass will only improve their already impeccable services.

Remember, iPASS is a tech-oriented company, focused on delivering net services, WiFi services, and well as roaming opportunities. The company allows its users to freely connect to more than 64 million hotspots worldwide.

Thanks to the new financial injection, they plan to own 340 million hotspots on planet Earth before they enter 2019; now that’s a lot of hotspots!

Michael Burwell’s Exhortation In Entrepreneurship



There are a lot of entrepreneurs in the word some exist, and others are prospective entrepreneurs, but they are yet to realize their dreams because of different types of blocks on their way to success. These blocks may be, for example, inefficient utilization of the resources, poor time management, lack o business networks among others. When they get an experienced and skilled person to guide and give them some advice on how to cope up with all these, they can realize their dreams if they follow carefully the principles of a focused entrepreneur.


Well, Michael Burwell is one of the most successful advocates in entrepreneurship. He has contributed to the success of a significant number of companies during his career. He studied the Bachelor of Business Administration from Michigan University after which he worked at Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s Ltd. He played many roles in the company, for example, being business advisory personnel at the company and also the head of the Pricewater House Cooper Detroit transaction Business. He was also elected as the vice chairman of the Global and US.


He is now the Chief Financial Officer at the Willis Watson Company. He gained the position just sometime back after the retirement of the former Chief Financial officer of the company. He has continued to portray his expertise in business administration in the company by leading it to great success. Michael Burwell is compassionate about helping other entrepreneurs enjoy the fruits of entrepreneurship and by giving them business advice through his experience stories and how and what he did to make him be the person he is today.


Michael Burwell believes that to increase your productivity in entrepreneurship today; you have to be more equipped with the today’s technology. It enables you to produce more output with fewer resources. Technology can make the productive people even more productive. It is also important to share your tips and secrets in production with others since it will give them a chance also to provide you with their tips in production which in turn can make you even more productive.


Michael Burwell also believes in being positive and relentless for him to attain his goals. As an entrepreneur, you have to take chances, take risks and be confident. Do not listen to too much of the discouragements from other people. Confidence can make you do great things. Always make the right choices because they can make you a hero, but the wrong choices can end up bringing you to zero.


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