TJ Maloney – Financial Expert with Years of Experience


TJ Maloney is the man who has helped taken the success of Lincolnshire Management to new heights in the last few years. After he joined the company in the year 1993, TJ Maloney made some constructive changes in which the company operated, which not only increased the company’s productivity but also its overall revenue and market reputation. TJ Maloney has become one of the well-recognized names in the financial world of the United States in recent times and currently serves as the CEO and chairman of Lincolnshire Management, which is one of the topmost private equity firms in the United States today.

TJ Maloney is a lawyer by profession and before joining Lincolnshire Management; he worked in the field of merger, acquisition and securities law for one of the top law firms in New York City. Having worked with a law firm that handled merger and acquisition for many leading financial organizations, TJ Maloney had the opportunity to look at the financial world closely and understand its dynamics illustratively. It also generated an interest in him to exploit the financial world further, and when the opportunity knocked the doors in the year 1993, he didn’t miss it and joined Lincolnshire Management immediately. Over the years, he has greatly contributed towards its success and helped the company grow within a small period of time.

Lincolnshire Management was named by CNN and also Forbes as the fifth best private equity firm in the United States in the year 2011, which was mainly due to the leadership of TJ Maloney. The company currently manages more than $1.7 billion in private equity funds. The primary focus of investments of Lincolnshire Management has been the service sector, manufacturing, and distribution. As of now, the company has invested and acquired more than 85 companies in the middle-market and continues to look for new investment opportunities through its team of investment and equity specialists. The company is looking to expand in many other streams of investments in the coming years.

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HGGC Enters Agreement With Dyal To Bolster Investment Muscle


The Palo Alto-based private equity firm HGGC has announced that Dyal Capital Partners has opted to buy a passive, non-voting minority stake in the company. Richard Lawson is Chairman and CEO of HGGC. He said the deal with Dyal will provide his firm with “balance sheet capital” that will support its investing platform while also increasing commitments to its own funds.

The investment by Dyal will not have no impact on the current day-to-day operations of HGGC, Lawson said. Also, the transaction will not change what has been a remarkably successful strategy for HGGC.

This firm is focused on high-tech, middle-market firms that can benefit from massive upgrades in technology. This helps them compete in a business environment that has been powerfully altered by such tech giants as Amazon over the past decade or more.

HGGC was founded in 2012 and has experienced rapid growth since. Today the firm reports $4.3 billion in cumulative capital commitments and a total enterprise value of $20 billion. It has achieved 118 portfolio investments. Its portfolio companies comprise some 63,000 employees.

It’s a company that invests in firms that have been determined to be highly competitive in markets defined as “defensible.” HGGC seeks to add value through supplying key operating skills and building relationships. Lawson likes to say his company distinguishes itself by demonstrating an ability to seek out and invest and/or acquire businesses with strong potential to scale creating partnerships with owners, managers, founders and sponsors.

In addition to Richard Lawson, the company is steered by a team of financial all-stars with long track records of success in their respective sectors. They include the former NFL legend Steve Young, the quarterback who led the San Francisco 49ers to three Super Bowl wins. He was conducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2005. He is now determined to make his mark in the highly competitive PE world.

Other big names include Gregory M. Benson, a former Bain Capital executive. Leslie M. Brown was former Nutraceutical International CFO. Original founders included the legendary Jon M. Huntsman, the founder of Huntsman Chemical Corporation, and Robert C. Gay, a significant figure with the LDS Church.

The Story behind the Rise of HGGC


Most successful companies have a very interesting story about how they were founded. Private equity firm HGGC is no different. The company was started with very little fanfare in 2007. In the years since then, it has grown into a massive company with literally billions of dollars of assets. It was not simple luck that allowed this company to become this big and powerful. It all started with the idea that three men had in late 2006. They had all been working at various investment companies around the world. They wanted to join forces and poll their resources for the purpose of creating a private equity company that would be different than all the rest. HGGC was born as a result of this idea.

HGGC did not have much capital when it started. What it did have was a bunch of skilled people who were dedicated to making the company a success. They were very careful with their investments early on. This is a tradition that would continue into the present. One of the things that the company is best known for is how they carefully examine each investment before they commit money to it. This methodical approach was criticized by many people when the company was new. However, the results that HGGC was able to produce were able to change the minds of many people.

The company knew very early on that they wanted to have technology play a very large role. There were various algorithms that were being used for investing purposes. They hired people to design new algorithms that were much better than the ones that were being used by some of their competitors. The advanced technology proved to be a big benefit to the company. The algorithms allowed the company to select many profitable investments that they otherwise might have ignored completely.

The company wanted to be based in CA because of the nice weather. They also wanted to be close to the heart of the tech world. This is why they eventually settled on Palo Alto to build their headquarters. That have been based in that city since the beginning.