OSI Group; A Leading Premier Food Provider


OSI group, one of Forbes’ Americas largest private companies list, is a prime global supplier of custom value-added food products to the globe’s leading food service and retail food brands. It provides top quality custom food product, development, and global food supply chain management through production, supply, processing, research, and development capabilities just to mention a few.

Formerly known as OSI Industries Inc. their mission is to provide services through tailored products to best suit customer’s unique, precise specifications requirement. The company aims to maintain a sustainable relationship with its clients and the environments around it. The management strives to manage the company within the social, economic and environmental structure to achieve sustainability. The success of the OSI group is derived from its inclusive and diverse workforce providing a working ambiance that is demanding, exhilarating and productive, developing their employees to reach their full potential.

Concerned with the impact of their activities on the world, OSI work to carefully direct, inspire and motivate their business within the cultural, financial and environmental constraints in which they are operational while continually finding ways to improve their operational impact. These sustainability efforts are in force throughout their global network and have been recognized by the food industry. In addition, forums have been set up to nurture their employees to be ambassadors of environmental sustainability through training and development.

A company’s traditions are an important characteristic of a successful business. OSI’s environment is composed of employees who are best qualified to the jobs they do and have protocols designed to inspire them to work well while having to cater for their customers, not only offering stellar customer service but also empathetic to their customers so well that they can anticipate and satisfy customers’ needs.

OSI Group depends on its workforce, and having a good standpoint helps in ensuring you are a team player. In addition to being unmitigated, OSI Group stays ethical because the value of the company is not only its revenue returns but how dependable it is in terms of fulfilling their promises to their consumers.