Grilling Up Profits with OSI Industries


Imagine being at a barbecue and smelling flame broiled meat cooking. You take a bite, watch the burgers juices bleed through the patty and taste the savory flavors fill your entire mouth. Then you look over and see your vegan neighbor enjoying the same burger. As of August 2019, OSI Industries teaming up with Impossible Foods company to mass produce Impossible Burger, has made this fantasy a reality.

Impossible Burger, a soy protein-based meat, has grown in popularity since it’s debut. Restaurant franchises like White Castle, Qdoba, and Cheesecake Factory have jumped on the plant-burger bandwagon and have had great success. OSI Industries, known for an over sixty year meat distribution partnership with top burger franchise McDonalds, has joined forces to supply Burger King with Impossible Whoppers, debuting in dozens of Missouri restaurants. With the great customer feedback, Burger King expects to expand nationwide by late 2019, occupying 7,200 restaurants. See OSI Group Reviews at

Impossible Burger is currently distributed to 10,000 restaurants globally since its introduction in 2016 and the demand is quickly increasing. Because the Compton-based plant-based protein company cannot meet the expansion requests and OSI Industries enjoys partnering with sustainable companies, this was the perfect business deal. Prior to the announcement, senior vice president Sheetal Shah issued a statement, saying “OSI has already installed equipment to make the Impossible Burger, and we’ll start seeing new capacity every week.”

Rival company Beyond Meat experienced a 500% sales increase in one quarter once implementing plant-based customer options. On the path to become a worthy competitor, OSI Industries and Impossible Burger, along with their $300 million dollar company scale-up fund, are looking to become one of the top protein distributors, selling in restaurants and in grocery stores. If profit margins go well enough, McDonalds may be next to join the soy-based burger club.


The President Of OSI Industries, David McDonald


When you meet David McDonald, know that you saw the Chief Operation Officer and President of OSI Industries. McDonald grew up in an agricultural firm in northeast Iowa. During his childhood, McDonald developed the passion for agriculture. The individual’s family had no substantial grounds regarding finance, they still helped him fulfill his dream of bringing a significant positive change in the processing of animal products through proper education. The individual graduated with the bachelor’s degree in animal science from the Iowa State University. It is after the completion of his studies that he joined the OSI Group as a distinctive project manager before becoming the President.

David McDonald holds a leading position in the North American Meat Institute apart from participating as an advisory of OSI Group as a board member. McDonald’s hard work put him through various positions to the current post. Also, he attained the Wallace Outstanding Senior Honor due to his competence in entrepreneurial skills. The leader intends to uplift the performance of the company and maintain as the leading food processing company globally. David McDonald understands the challenges his workers go through and promises to work with them with consideration.

OSI Group finished its extension in the processing of chicken products from 12,000 to 24,000 tons annually. The development resulted from a fast-increasing demand for chicken material in Portugal and Spain. Consequently, the improvement caused the shifting of the total output to 45,000 tons annually. Also, the development resulted in an increase in the workforce by 20 more employees. In the 20 posts is the product development manager. The work of the manager is to control the company’s current products and add new material to the organization’s portfolio.

David McDonald moved to North America to purchase the Tyson Food Plant to show the willingness in offering proper services to the region. When the group acquired the Flagship Europe, they made it the primary food distributor in the UK renaming it the Creative Food Europe in the year 2017. OSI Industries did not hesitate in the purchase of the controlling stake of Baho Food that has extension in Germany and the Netherlands.

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