Greg Secker Changing Lives by Teaching Foreign Exchange Trading


Greg Secker is known as an entrepreneur, master trader, international speaker, and a philanthropist. He began his profession at Thomas Cook Company which offers financial services. He then moved to the foreign exchange where he created a new business known as The Virtual Trading Desk. The platform was unique as it offered real-time currency. It allowed those doing the trading to get quotes for the transaction of foreign exchange that mentioned the real time trade. He then joined Mellon Financial Corporation which is a Fortune 500 investment and here he was the Vice President. It was working at all these companies that made Secker knowledgeable on matters of trade. Thus, when he opened Learn to Trade a company that teaches people how to trade using foreign exchange in 2003, it got recognized as the leader in global education in just three months. The firm is known to have educated over 200,000 people through workshop and seminars on how to trade.

Greg Secker started the company with the inspiration to help people who were struggling with trading. According to him, there is a huge risk people have to put when they get into this venture, and this can be too much given the fact that they start without being trained. He wanted to ensure that people have the knowledge and skill to be able to do this business so that they can end up improving their lives. When Greg started foreign exchange trading, it was all about trial and error, so the workshop that he created to train people was to ensure that they did not go through the same situation that he went through before mastering the business.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is known as the world class trader, and the owner of the company Learn to Trade. The firm is known to be the one of the biggest financial trader training company. Other than that, Greg is known to be an international recognized speaker. In fact, he has been invited to speak alongside T Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tony Blair who are well-known personalities. He recently spoke at The National Achievers Congress in Asia and Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery program which both got a positive review. Other than business, he is also an avid polo player and enjoys riding helicopters.