A Promising Talent in Sawyer Howitt


Sawyer is an entrepreneur and racquetball player. He is based in Portland and was most active during the 2015 racquetball tournament. Surprisingly, he is a second semester senior at Oregon High School. Besides his sporting inclination, Sawyer Howitt is a businessman and focuses his studies in internship and finance. At such a young age, he exhibits the ability to understand a business operational and financial needs. Howitt is skilled in spreadsheets, nuanced presentations, and filing. He is an all-rounded individual, and there is no job he wouldn’t take.

Sawyer Howitt growth in sport gets cultivated in the Racquetball Club of Portland. With the progress and performance, he is most likely to feature in the World of Racquetball. Despite most of his career experience in the sport being from Oregon High School, his future is quite bright. Sawyer’s profile is already known to the USA Racquetball League, and soon, it will not be a surprise to see him play on the national stage.

As Howitt potential in the sport continues to reveal, he demonstrates the ability to play in the men singles, men’s doubles, and also in the mixed doubles. However, much time gets dedicated to developing his talent in the men singles. Howitt’s game has matured and continues to build its place in the national league. Additionally, at this tender age, Sawyer Howitt is involved with several philanthropic activities. He has actively participated in organizations advocating for women rights and funding education. Sawyer mentors troubled youths and lead international ethnic group studies that aim at reducing racial discriminations.

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