Help the Navy Seal Foundation with Andy Wirth



For Andy Wirth, skydiving was, and still is, his passion, but in October 2013 everything changed. In a chilling accident, he was forced to land into a vineyard, a place full of wires, sharp upright posts and vines. In the accident he almost lost his right arm, and major blood loss almost took his life. But Andy never gave up and with the help of the best surgeons and excellent physical therapists he is well on his road to recovery. Along the way he met a group of Navy Seals that were training at Squaw Valley. As he states: “Quite a few of them have become good friends and their spirit, counsel and narrative has truly been an important part of my recovery”. The people surrounding you through your time of struggle can be just as important as doctors for your overall wellbeing.

This is why Andy has decided to give something back to these amazing people. Through the Navy Seal Foundation he will be able to help not just the ones who are Seals themselves, but also their families. Members of the Navy Seals are strong and courageous men who leave their families for more than 270 days each year. Just imagine how hard it must be for them, being so far away from their loved ones for such long time periods, in the most unforgiving environments of the world, and training at an unrelenting pace in order to maintain their ability to execute our nation’s toughest military missions. If they can do all this for us, we can certainly give something back.

How can you help? You can donate to the cause, as many other already have. The Navy Seal Foundation is tax exempt, national, non-profit benevolent organization, so you know that all of your money is going straight to them. Be a part of this amazing effort for those who are risking it all for us. Andy would like nothing more than to give back to those who selflessly helped him when he needed it the most.