Hair Care – WEN by Chaz


What commonly happens when we don’t wash our hair for a few days? For me, grease begins to build up the same day that I wash my hair. It’s annoying, because, contrary to popular belief, you’re not supposed to wash your hair everyday. Unfortunately, for many of us, if we go for even one day without cleansing, we find our hair to be dull, limp, frizzy and, yes, again, greasy. To avoid frizziness and static, it’s recommended to use conditioner. However, the one thing to rectify the problem is the one product that weighs down our hair, making it look dirty. What are we to do?

Some hair care lines have recently suggested that conditioner be used before the shampoo. However, in my opinion, what’s the point? We condition our hair and then wash it out, in essence, making the conditioner ineffective. Well, we finally have a solution to this vicious cycle. WEN by Chaz Dean is an entirely different and innovative hair care line on the market today. How is it different? Instead of using your typical shampoo, Chaz recommends his cleansing conditioner. There’s a wide variety available to address your hair’s specific problems. Whether you have oily, dry or fine hair, Chaz developed hair care that is not advertised as shampoo. He calls them cleansing conditioners, and they’re just as the name implies. It’s a conditioner with all-natural cleansing properties that clean and condition your hair.

You will be amazed at the results the very first time using the product. Chaz created scents that are appropriate for all types of hair, while others address specific hair issues. For example, his Tea Tree cleansing conditioner is made with moisturizing properties for dry or flaky scalps and is recommended for coarse, wavy and ethnic hair. Limited seasonal scents become available around the holidays and during year-round weather climate changes. To get the maximum benefits, it’s crucial to follow the instructions exactly, since it’s not used like your typical shampoo. The best part? You can go for days without cleansing your hair as it maintains the same results as if you just freshly washed your hair. WEN cleansing conditioner comes at the low price of $40 dollars available on Sephpra, eBay and Guthy-Renker store, or even less

Normally, shampoos will strip your hair of its essential oils. In addition, your color fades very quickly with sudsy shampoo. WEN will keep your color looking fresh longer. You will be able to color your hair less often and save money! Remember, even shampoos that claim to be paraben free, will still strip your color and the natural oils. So, pamper yourself while repairing and keeping your hair healthy and looking fabulous. Visit the Wen Hair Facebook page and Twitter ( to learn more.