Community Advocate, Entrepreneur & Physician, Dr. Mark McKenna


Over the past couple of decades we can see some significant changes in many industries through consumer demand as well as regulation that govern industry. The constantly changing markets of economy allow for entrepreneurial endeavors to be successful for those who have the courage to rise to the occasion and follow through with their dreams.

One of the best examples of this scenario playing out with success is that of Dr. Mark McKenna, both a medical doctor as well as a real estate investor. Dr. McKenna is from New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from the Tulane University Medical School.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s father is also a physician and once he completed his own medical training he went to work alongside his father. Dr. McKenna is a very avid reader, always keeping his mind open to other information and avenues and this led Dr. McKenna to also launch a boutique real estate investment firm.

A new passion was ignited for Mark McKenna in the realm of real estate and he would go on to acquire and launch Uptown Title Inc., as well as Universal Mortgage Lending. though his initial portfolio was small, it would grow to over 50 staff members and offered services in financing, real-estate closing services as well as turnkey design-build projects.

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August of 2007 it destroyed the town and caused many people to lose their homes and businesses. Many people lost everything they had, Dr. Mark McKenna was one of them. His real estate projects were either destroyed or otherwise unworkable he began to start again.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated community advocate so helping to rebuild New Orleans by building affordable housing for those with a low to a moderate income in the area was the natural path given the means he still had. With a wide range of factors in play, the real estate market was seriously changing, people without income were getting homes at full financing.

Dr. Mark McKenna would then relocate to Atlanta, Georgia where he then launched a successful chain of health facilities, offering both non-surgical aesthetic options to patients in addition to highly comprehensive nutrition and weight loss/management programs for patients. Dr. McKenna has always held patient satisfaction at the highest priority throughout his career.

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Behind the Scenes at Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Many people are unaware of all of the coordinating effort going on behind the scenes at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Based in Florida, this health system is always first to step out when a new treatment modality arises. The computer age has given way to more intensive cancer treatment abilities that deliver finely tuned precise treatments. This healthcare provider joined hands with Nanthealth and Allscripts to explain their newest cancer care strategy. An extensive clinical oncology platform is available that utilizes the technology of a computer program within the parameters of existing cancer care treatment plans.

Unlike previous days, today’s cancer care specialists can rapidly find all available cancer care resource materials with a quick Internet and computer program search. The information that this team gets is totally unbiased. There is never a conflict of interest that would make a lean towards one treatment as opposed to another. The statistical information is logically compiled. A doctor can instantly see available routes of care, and every patient can get even more individualized cancer care treatment. CTCA has long embraced new ideas like geno-testing for cancer type specifics. This is just another addition to CTCA’s stellar cancer treatment choices.

Costs of care including medication, chemotherapy and other treatment options are compiled to allow the healthcare team and the patients to discuss appropriate treatment options in a realistic manner. This leading healthcare institution hopes to share their successes with other providers. The goal is to further standardize all areas of cancer care across the country. This new online data service connects healthcare providers from anywhere that has Internet access. This is a terrific use of rapidly changing computer technology to assist in enabling better and more coordinated care for cancer patients everywhere. Cancer Treatment Centers of America continues providing top-notch cancer care.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden


Jennifer Walden Was A Doctor In the Making From An Early Age

When most elementary aged school children are interested in going outside to play, Walden had already taken an interest in plastic surgery. She was enamored in the art aspect of plastic surgery. Walden’s 8th-grade teacher even told her that she had the hands of a surgeon.

Walden began her journey to be a surgeon at the University of Texas where she majored in biology. She received medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. After completing her residency, she relocated to New York to pursue aesthetic surgery.
The Manhattan Eye, Ear, Throat Hospital selected Walden to join their fellowship program. She also spent eight years working with Dr. Shrrell Aston who is a famous aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Things changed for Walden when she decided to become a mother and wanted to move her boys back to home to Texas. Even though the move was difficult, it proved to be the best move for her career. Walden is now one of the top ranked aesthetic plastic surgery in the state of Texas.

It is Walden’s knowledge and use of technology that sets her apart from other surgeons. She uses a technology called Vectra, which is a 3-D imaging system that allows patients to gain a visual aspect to what their surgery will look like after it is complete. To provide the best results and accuracy when performing breast surgery, Walden created her own surgical insturments.

Walden specializes in many prodecures that encompesses the whole body from breast and vignial surgies, to the face and the entire bodies. She however does not specialise in women surgeries alone. She has also worked with men to help them achieve thier overall health goals too.

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Dr. Clay Siegall & His Approach To Cancer Research


Cancer research is one of the most demanding and time consuming industries in the world. The job requires for long hours of due diligence and testing. Cancer is no joke and the medications that are being developed to fight this disease, can’t be left up to chance. Dr. Clay Siegall is all too familiar with the process as he has done this very thing time and time again. Siegall is the president and founder of Seattle Genetics, which is one of the top biotech companies on earth. Seattle Genetics focuses on developing and commercializing antibody-based therapies.

These powerful medications are much more efficient when it comes to destroying cancer. Unlike the eras of the past, antibody-based therapies are easier on the body, and it won’t make the patient sick. This is a huge bonus since most cancer medications can make the patient feel even more ill than the illness itself. Siegall’s thorough approach to how the medications are developed and delivered, ensures the patients that they’re receiving the best products to help themselves get better. These types of therapies are known as antibody-drug conjugates, and they’re yielding much better results than previous cancer medications.

Siegall does a good job of informing the public of any breakthroughs and upcoming events through blogging. Of course, he’s a very busy man, but he still seems to find time to announce this valuable information. Some of his latest blogs spoke a wide variety of topics such as politics, sports and science.

Rigorous research is one of the key factors that goes into producing high quality medications and Seattle Genetics is no exception. With so many more already in the company’s pipeline, who knows what the next wave of antibody-drug conjugates will do.

Dr. AviWeisfogel Works Magic in Demonstrating How a Unique Sleep Component is Installed Inside of the Practice of a Dental Practice:


Can the Dental Professional of Today install a sleep section inside his existing practice? He or she is able to do it when taking advantage of the opportunity afforded him or her–making use of the Dental Sleep Masters’ program. This is the program created by prominent and popular former dental practitioner: Dr. AviWeisfogel. Dental practitioners that make use of the Dental Sleep Masters’ program, within their existing practices are experiencing a great deal of success.

So what is the Dental Sleep Masters’ program (created by Dr. Weisfogel)? The program is unique in that it allows the dental practitioner physician to add a section, within their practices, wherein, patients suffering from Sleep Apnea are appropriately identified. Apneas occur during a patient’s sleep. What happens is that the individual, suffering from the apnea, can cease breathing for a while–which is not a good thing–and then continue breathing. This halt in breathing is insidious: meaning the patient knows nothing of the health malady. When a lab is part of the dental practitioner’s operation–the problem is readily identified. The solution, in order to attain patient co-operation, is a remedy that is neither scary or threatening. Dr. Weisfogel makes available a way to keep the air-passage open, while the patient is asleep–by way of a user-friendly oral device. It is simplistic and does not overwhelm the sufferer with a great deal of trepidation. The compliance rate, of the wearer, greatly escalates–as a result to learn more: click here.

The Dental Sleep Masters’ program is greatly endorsed by physicians and dental practitioners that see the need, in order to take care of persons with the disorder. The disorder is linked more serious concerns such as heart failure and diabetes. The morbidity rate is associated with persons that go undiagnosed; and have the disorder.

The Dental Sleep Masters’ program and Dr. AviWeisfogel remain concerned about the longevity of the client. Dr. AviWeisfogel knows full-well, that once the disorder is recognized, the patient is easily treatable, by way of a simplistic oral device–which he instructs the dental practitioner and physician, alike, how to put to use.

Notes Regarding Dr. AviWeisfogel–creator of the popular Dental Sleep Masters’ program:

Dr. AviWeisfogel, began his career as a dental practioner–himself. He was afforded with the award of the town’s most preferred dental practioner on several occasions. Dr. Weisfogel, at the time, operated a practice in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He, accordingly, named his practice after the township. This is a delightful part of the world, and Dr. AviWeisfogel–it is a certainty–still appreciates the gratitude of the area in naming him, at the time, as their most preferred Dental Practitioner. He jumped on from Old Bridge: in order to properly instruct and show dental professionals, and physicians, alike, how each could incorporate a sleep component or lab into their practices. He made it a point to instruct how the dental professional or physician could properly identify those individuals with obstructive sleep apnea. When it goes undiagnosed: the individual is greatly imperiled. Dr. AviWeisfogel, during his career progression conducted seminars–in way of instructing the Dental Professional, and Physician how to properly identify Sleep Apnea patients, and how to incorporate a sleep lab into their current operations.. He eventually arrived to the point he is at: today. He established the popular Dental Sleep Masters’ program as a way for the Dental professional to incorporate a sleep lab into his or her practice; making use of a user-friendly oral device, in order to rid the individual of the sleep disorder issue.

Dr. AviWeisfogel attained a B.A. degree in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University, in New Jersey. He attained a D.D.S. from New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel, on a personal note is a fan of the New York Rangers Hockey Team. He enjoys spending time with his family and his pup. His recreational time is spent skiing.

Avi Weisfogel’s Positive Impact in the Medical Field


Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who has ventured into various sections of the medical field. He is the proprietor of a professional organization that is known as Dental Sleep Masters. The body has focused on training physicians on various sleep disorders. It has an excellent program that incorporates an ideal business model and education that is devoted to offering the best knowledge of sleep apnea. According to research, most of the people who suffer from sleep apnea are never diagnosed due to lack of awareness. The disorder is related to various critical conditions such as stroke and diabetes. The mechanical treatment models that were established in the past have failed, and therefore, Dental Sleep Masters strives to develop cures that will be effective. Dr. Weisfogel has been working with medical professionals in all fields to develop models that will better the lives of the patients.


Avi Weisfogel is also well recognized due to his expertise in the dental field. He has been practicing at his clinic, which is known as Old Bridge Dental Care. Avi is an outstanding dentist and was appreciated by being named ass the Best Dentist for a couple of years. He has also conducted research on the field, and this enabled him to offer the best service to his patients. During his active career as a dentist, Avi noticed that some of his patients were affected by sleep disorders. He then decided to focus on the field and develop new treatment methods. The doctor established Healthy Heart Sleep that has several sleep labs across the country. He later founded Unlimited Sleep Patient, which he uses it training medical practitioners on how to better sleep disorders’ treatment.


Dental Sleep Masters has managed to develop oral appliances that can be used in curing sleep disorders. It shares its discoveries with other doctors across the United States. Besides being in the medical field for the past 15 years, Avi Weisfogel is also a philanthropist. The doctor has been one of the benefactors of Operation Smile, which cares about the health of children across the globe. The organization has conducted surgeries to cure oral problems in more than 220,000 individuals.


Maggie Gill: The Perfect Example of an All-Rounded Modern Woman


The measure of real success is how well rounded a person is. Is the person economically, emotionally and socially stable? These things can be measured by one’s academic qualifications, career progress and the nature of the relationships one has, both personal and professional ones. Meeting Maggie, you will notice this common definition of an all-rounded person. She is an excellent wife and mother of two who is equally devoted to her kids as she is dedicated to her work. She is the president and CEO of Memorial University Medical Center, and has held other positions before. The Florida State University and Saint Leo University educated lady has vast skills and experience in the field of medicine and health, especially in management and leadership. These skills have made Maggie an outstanding achiever, and earned her and her team recognition and awards.

Maggie Gill joined Memorial Health back in 2004 as the vice president of finance, and through her strategic plans, she climbed the ladder all the way to becoming the CEO. She brought new developments, some of which include construction of new facilities and expansion of clinical services. According to the board members at Memorial Health, Maggie is a very professional person who has good relations with the board members, physicians and all other employees.

One of the greatest success that have been achieved under Maggie’s tenure is the seven awards that members of her team received from Georgia Medical Society. These Annual Health Care Heroes Awards were in recognition of the selfless effort of dedicated people who tirelessly work towards improving the healthcare sector, not for their benefit but for the community as a whole and the next generation. Among the departments that received these awards are community outreach program, innovation, healthcare innovation and physician’s lifetime achievements.

Gill was named as one of the “130 Women Hospital and Health System Leaders to know” by Becker in 2016, and it is through her leadership that Medical Health got recognition together with other top healthcare providers in the country as one of the “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to know.” Maggie has also been a three-time winner of “Tenet Outstanding CFO” award.



Clean Power Plan Supported By Andy Wirth


Squaw Valley Holdings has had a great owner in Andy Wirth since 2010 and it has become a destination in the Reno Tahoe region. Wirth has grown with the region, watching his company expand, thus making him somewhat of a vital figure. Not one to leave his beliefs by the door, Wirth quickly established himself as someone who speaks up for what he believes in and his eventual appointment to the Reno Tahoe Airport Board was just the icing on the cake. Now, in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Wirth got the opportunity to expound and proclaim his support of the Clean Power Plan.

When it comes to making a difference in local politics nothing matters more than making your voice heard, at least according to Andy Wirth. On the subject of clean power there is really no reason not to be vocal. Wirth advocated Reno-Tahoe locals to push their elected officials to support the Clean Power Plan, urging people all the way from the state government to Congress to come together and actually lead in an important way. Wirth called the CPP a “crux moment” in the countries push toward clean energy, making it very clear where his beliefs in climate change were aligned.

On the topic of climate change the facts are immutable, at least to Wirth. The Squaw Valley CEO cited the poor air breathing quality, the rampant forest fires, and the undeniable carbon footprint that their community leaves as reason to make change happen sooner than later. Wirth spoke of his disdain for dirty energy and of his faith in the clean energy movement. Many people think clean energy will come “late” but Wirth thinks that time time is “now, not at some distant point” off in the future. His words were ringing in both truth and sincerity and it is clear that his position is going to gain steam.

Andy Wirth has been in the region since 2010 when he took over the Squaw Ski Valley Holdings. Since then Squaw Valley has turned into one of the biggest tourist destinations in the area, a fact that should not be lost upon readers.

Andy Wirth Supports The Clean Air Act

In a recently published op-ed piece in the Reno Gazette-Journal Andy Wirth expressed his enthusiastic support of the Clean Air Act. Responding to the recent support for the act by the Reno City Council Wirth wrote of the burgeoning support for the act from both local businesses as well as the general public. He added that the economy is growing and the companies in the Reno area are keeping pressure on the utilities to continue with environmentally safe practices.

Wirth also pointed out that the move wasn’t just about supporting the Clean Air Act, it was also a step towards improving the air quality of the Reno area. He mentioned the irony of living in a country that has the best resources for alternative energy while using a coal burning electric plant in the nearby area. Microsoft, Tesla, and Apple are all moving into the area and preparing to energize the economy. Wirth stated they have made it clear that air quality and clean energy is a primary concern of theirs.

Wirth issues a challenge to the region’s state and federal officials to also support the Clean Air Act. He emphatically makes the point that it’s as much about the economic health of the region as much as for the physical health of the individuals living and working in the area.

Andy Wirth is the the current Chairman of the Board of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees and the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. A former wilderness ranger and Hot Shot fire crew member, Andy has been committed to the outdoors and environment his whole life. He entered the hotel and mountain resort industry over 25 years ago and has been a leading voice for the industry and conservation.

In 2013 he was involved in a near fatal skydiving accident that severed his right arm. He was airlifted to the UC Davis medical trauma center where his arm was successfully reattached. He has been recognized for his involvement in numerous philanthropic organizations including his own “Wounded Warrior Support”, an organization that supports Navy SEALs.

Beneful: When You Demand The Best


Mankind and dogs have had an unspoken agreement for hundreds of years.
I take care of you, and you take care of me. It is the most basic of agreements.
One that we pet owners don’t take lightly. We want the absolute best when we
shop for our best buddies.

We want our dog food to have:

  • 100% balanced nutrition
  • Delicious flavors that dogs crave
  • A variety of tastes, textures and shapes
  • Wholesome grains, real beef and vitammin packed vegetables

Beneful offers all of this for our pets and more.

They offer complete and balanced nutrition to complement your furry pal’s
specific needs. Their team of specialists are always working to improve upon
an already impressive formula. Because what we feed our family matters to us.

Using real beef products ensures that your dog is getting the protein that their
muscles crave. When it comes to extra benefits they have your pal covered as well.
The Antioxidants contained in the original recipe, along with the Omega fatty
acids, are a boost to the immune system.

Specialty foods like Natural Balance, nourishes your dog with a whole body approach
to nutrition. It also provides an optimal balance of key nutrients and proteins to
give your pet what it needs. It comes in wet or dry varieties, and can be gluten
free as well.

Purina’s Beneful is dedicated to your pets. They love them so much, that
they made a dedicated Rube Goldberg Machine, with k-9’s as the motor.
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It is just one more way that Beneful shows it’s dedication to our best friends on
four feet. Their selections come in over 20 varieties and are scientifically
researched, and created for the highest nutrition standards.

Pet owners who love their pets would never do anything to harm them. We treat
them like family, and family gets the best. In the end we have to decide for our
furry companions. They depend on us for everything. That’s why we care.

For pets that have diet concerns, they have a weight management dog food,
Beneful Healthy Weight. With reduced calories, and all of the flavors they love.
there is no compromising taste here.

Our pets will never lose their place in our hearts. And we will always ant to
give them the very best we can. Let’s celebrate our pets good health everyday,
with Beneful.

They will keep depending on us for the best that we provide for them daily.
And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let’s celebrate man’s best friend, for many more years to come.