Prevagen may be an ideal complement to regular exercise


Research shows that the longer one ages well, the more important the role exercise and nutrition play. Now, a supplement called Prevagen is taking its place among the fitness arsenal of the elderly, as it is shown to mitigate mild memory loss related to aging.

The additive has reflected improved cognitive function over a 90-day period in one placebo-controlled clinical study; figured in improvements related to memory in a clinical trial over the same period; and was a central factor in a research report on healthful brain function.

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Studies reveal that the hippocampus (center of the brain’s memory and emotion systems) grows as people’s physical well-being improves. Researchers think this is the connection to good cardiovascular fitness and the increase in cognitive function.

They say that any activity that raises the heart rate is good for the body and mind. Exercise, they add, is believed to fuel the creation of neurons in the brain.

The practice of yoga can also teach breathing and movement, with the aim of activating the body’s relaxation response. A 2010 study put volunteers through 56 days of daily yoga exercises. While the subjects cited reduced periods of stress, their test results reflected a decrease of part of the amygdala, a structure implicated in processing anxiety and fear.

Research also shows that keeping the mind active does preserve skills related to thinking. Puzzles and other brain-intensive games could possibly slow the advent of memory loss and mental problems, officials say.

One research study involved up to 10 hourlong brain-training sessions for five to six weeks for more than 2,800 adults age 65 and older. Those who participated in the sessions showed improvement that lasted a duration of at least 72 months. The subjects also improved at tasks such as money management and housework.

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Formal brain training also is shown to help in the prevention of brain-related aging and fuels healthful brain function. Brain exercises, one research report found, reflected a delay in the decline of thinking skills. Scientists believe that mental activity strengthened the brain and slowed the onset of symptoms.

Everyday activities that lead to brain health include playing online video games; learning a second language or musical instrument; playing board or card games; working crossword puzzles; taking adult education classes; cooking; gardening; walking with an acquaintance; stretching during commercials; walking the dog; and getting away from the computer every so often.

Exercise is shown to develop the brain in several ways en route to increasing its power and function. The scientific evidence is clear that exercise can at least slow normal brain-related aging.

Exercise doesn’t do everything. That’s why everyone might do well to consider a supplement like Prevagen to provide extra protection. People can’t buy their state of health or mental capacity, but they can take steps to boost their odds of a healthful and productive life.

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Know the Facts About Benzodiazepines From The American Addiction Centers


The drug abuse and addiction in the country has risen astronomically over the last two decades. Many people who are addicted to certain drugs are unaware of the fact, and refuse any implications to the matter. The dependence on prescription drugs has recently been brought to the fore front, and made knowledgeable to the public.

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The addiction to prescription drugs affect people who would not consider themselves vulnerable, but this is a reality faced by millions of unsuspecting people. The American Addiction Centers want to inform and educate people of the dangers on the prescription drug Benzodiazepine which is found Zanax, Ativan, Valium, Klonopin, and Ambien.

These drugs are prescribed for many different reasons from sleeplessness, stress and anxiety, pain, and other disorders. People who take these pills are not aware of the side effects that could pose a great danger. A person can easily become addicted in a matter of just two months of taking them regularly.

These drugs act on the brain by increasing the chemical that normally slows down brain activity. They cause the individual to become very drowsy and calm. After a period of time, the therapeutic effect can only be achieved by taking larger doses. This particular process is called tolerance where the person develops a craving and a dependency for the drug.

One specific danger of these drugs is that if the person tries to stop, they could experience some severe withdrawal symptoms that include death. Benzos, as they are known, cause dorpamine surges. This means that the brain associates these surges with joy, and the brain is wired to repeat these pleasures.

The brain cells begin to require the drug, and this is hard for it to ignore. The number of people using Benzodiazepines is greatly increasing at a rapid rate. This should not be the first choice of medication. Discuss the options with your doctor before hand.

There is information on the warning signs, the withdrawals symptoms, and the treatments available for those who use the drug, and their family members.

The American Centers urge people to learn about the cognitive impairment that Benzos can cause like memory loss. This can be improved once a person tapers off the drug gradually, but fatal over doses can occur when they are mixed with alcohol or other depressants. Although some of these drugs are taken for anxiety, this could also be a symptom of withdrawal.

Some of the signs and symptoms of Benzodiazepine abuse include blurred vision, weakness, slurred speech, drowsiness, poor judgement, lack of coordination, dizziness, and trouble breathing. It is important to see a doctor if any of these signs occur while taking the drug. They will also exhibit traits that are uncharacteristic.

The American Addiction Centers offers a list of uncharacteristic behavior that can be observable in those who abuse Benzos.

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They include withdrawing from family, friends, and responsibility, borrowing money or stealing, engaging in risk taking behaviors, less attentive to personal hygiene and grooming, a change in their mood or personality, lying, secrecy, and asking others for their Benzos.

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American Addiction Centers Really, Really Does Not Want the American People To Take Benzos


The American Centers would like to warn the American people about the effects of benzodiazepines or benzos for short.

Some drugs that considered to be benzos are Klonopin, Ambien, Ativan, Xanax, and Valium.

These drugs are completely legal in the US. They are available only by prescription so you would get into some legal trouble if you did not get a prescription. They are basically legal so that is not the problem that American Addiction Centers have with these drugs.

The problem is that American Addictions Centers has with benzos is that they are highly addictive. You can use them to treat your anxiety or seizures, but you should be aware that you could get addicted to them.

If you feel that you are getting addicted, you should try a way to deal with your medical problems with the less addictive method. You should also try Narcotics Anonymous or a branch of American Addiction Centers near you.

The Nationaal Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) did a study of adults that were prescribed from 1996 to 2013. The number of adults has increased over the time period in the study. Benzos increase the activity of a brain chemical called GABA. When is at its full effect, you feel quite drowsy and your brain activity is slowed.

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You will develop tolerance which means that you will have to take more and more benzos to achieve the effect that you want. You will develop dependency and cravings. If you suddenly stop taking benzos, you will have dangerous withdrawal symptoms including death.

Dr. Lawreance Weinstem an addiction expert and the chief medical officer at American Addiction Centers, wrote an article that talks about the effects of benzos.

The first advice that Dr. Weinstein would give about benzos is that they should not be your first treatment option. They should be the second or third line of defense, but not the first. When a doctor wants to prescribe you benzos, you should have a deep discussion about what the side effects are and what signs are of increased tolerance or addiction. Education may help you with benzos, but only in the short term.

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Weinstein has seen the number of people using benzos increase. In 2018, a study shows that 1 in 8 adults have used benzos in the past year. Of those 1 in 8, 17% were not using the drug correctly. The misuse probably means that they have become addictive.

If you do get addicted to benzos, you can count on American Addiction Centers to help you. They will help you by first starting with medical detox. You will then have to do intensive therapy and continued aftercare. Once you are down with American Addiction Centers, you should be cured of your benzos addiction.

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