Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum’s Contribution To The Surgical Sector


Thanks to technology, every industry has been able to come up with an easier approach to tackle various problems. One such sector is the medical industry. Over the years, the face of medicine has, and this has made it possible for medical practitioners to come up with ways to treat different ailments. One of the many doctors who has made strides when it comes to developing different ways to treat bone ailments is Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum. He is the chairperson of orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System. He has been instrumental in the development of partial unicompartmental knee replacements.

Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum has been able to design a cementless hip replacement system that has made it possible for other inventions and trademarks to arise from his designs. One of the techniques Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum has been able to master includes the minimally invasive surgical method. This surgical technique has been quite popular because of the smaller incisions and the shorter recovery time. The smaller incisions used in this surgery are also easier for doctors to manage. It also reduces the risk of infection, and it is safer for patients to handle. As the number of surgeries involving this type of technique, professional experts like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum have become popular in the medical sector.

With the incorporation of technology, minimally invasive surgeries are now being performed with the help of advanced robotic systems. These robotic systems have given surgeons better vision and even more control in the procedures they perform. This has made it possible for medical practitioners to perform surgeries safer. It has made it possible to give more precise surgical work. During surgery using these robotic systems, surgeons operate the machine using a console. This enables the surgeons to maneuver the robot systems with ease, making it possible for surgery to be performed efficiently.

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All Natural for Your Benefit; EOS Lip Balm Review


EOS, short for Evolution of Smooth, is a global company that provides 100% natural skin care products like their popular lip balm, which is designed to ensure that you have happy, healthy lips around the clock. EOS Lip Balms has created unique formulas using only all natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and olive oil to make the best lip balm to suit your needs, and the lack of harmful chemicals and ingredients like parabens, SLS, and GMOs means it’s completely safe! All formulas are thoroughly tested with supervision from a real dermatologist, ensuring that EOS Lip Balms products are a smooth, healthy option for you. And of course the flavors and fragrances are beautiful, which isn’t surprising as they are also totally natural and chemical free. The company is completely transparent about their products; you can find all the information you need to know about them right on their website evolutionofsmooth.com

Why Waiakea Water Should be Your Favorite Water Brand


The water bottle business is among the businesses that have the greatest worth in the 21st century. The total value of the company around the world is approximated to be worth $100 billion. Well, this is a good thing to the economy. It is also an advantage to the buyers because they have a variety to choose from when shopping.

The Waiakea Water has been voted as the number one water brand. The company is based in Hawaii. This has a lot to do with the values of the company as well as the taste of their water. Their water is pure volcanic water. The pH level of the water is also perfect.

The Waiakea Water Company is concerned with the well-being of the community. They constantly donate to the charity organizations in the nation. They have also set 3% of their revenue aside specifically to help the less- fortunate in the society. This is not all. For every one litre of water that is purchased, they donate Malawi with one week’s clean water. This is why many individuals with humanitarian spirit chose to drink the Waiakea Water.

The other factor that the company is addressing leading to its popularity is addressing the environmental problem that has been brought about by the bottled water companies. The beaches are a mess because they are all surrounded by the water bottles. Last year alone in the United States of America, only 12000 billion water bottles were recycled yet more than 50000 billion bottles were used last year. This means more than 380000 billion water bottles are there polluting the environment. The most worrying part is that the USA is not even the leading state in the pollution of the beaches with the water bottles.

Fortunately, Waiakea Water Company has come up with a long-term solution. The firm is set to launch decaying plastic bottle. You see, the issue with the average plastic bottle is that it takes more than 1000 years to decay. The Waiakea plastic bottle will only use at most 15 years to decay. This will help save the environment in the long-term basis.

Consuming the Waiakea Water means being an environmentalist and a humanitarian as well. What else is noble than this? Besides, the Waiakea Water is also very refreshing.