Aspiring Rapper Grabs Lil Wayne’s Attention


These days it is hard to get a name out in the rap industry. Artists need not only the talent and the looks, they now also have to become crafty to stick out from the crowd. That is just what rap novice Hi-rez did.
The hopeful rapper did so by rapping his whole McDonald’s order instead of speaking it out slowly like any other person would do. He then proceeded to upload his rap to his Youtube channel and quickly gained the recognition of not only the other McDonald’s customers that eagerly clapped for him at the end of his rap, but also that of rap legend Lil Wayne.
Lil Wayne deeply humored Hi-rez by sharing the video on his Facebook and giving the young rapper a shout out. Whether Lil Wayne was actually impressed with Hi-rez’s rapping skills or just amused by the gesture is still unclear to the folks over at FreedomPop Review.