Moving to Chicago as a Foodie


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If you are a food lover moving to Chicago, and you desire to be closer to the food action of The Windy City, then reach out to Beal Properties. The good news is that in Chicago you don’t have to go far to find a tasty meal or snack, but a property management company, such as Beal Properties, can help you discover little hidden gems about an area you didn’t even know existed. With over 30 years of experience, specializing in Chicago, they have the insider’s information and can guide you on what would be good apartment options, for what you are looking for. 

With their wide array of properties, you are bound to find something that fits your unique style and taste. Whether you prefer something more on the classic, vintage side, or an apartment bursting with modern flair. Rest assured, Beal Properties can provide you with an apartment that has the security, amenities, and location you are looking for. From high-rises to apartments with courtyards, Beal Properties has apartments in over 13 live and vibrant Chicago neighborhoods.

Beal Properties Well Maintained Units


In 2017, more than 2.7 million people called the city of Chicago home. With all the shopping, dining, educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities that the city has to offer, it is easy to see Chicago’s appeal.

One of the things that the city is noted for is its architecture. Chicago’s skyline is famous. Some of the city’s famed buildings include the Rookery Building, John Hancock Center, Tribune Tower, and Willis Tower.

Food is also a key part of the city’s culture. There are approximately 8,100 restaurants for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Hundreds of the city’s restaurants participate in the annual Chicago Restaurant Week, which allows restaurants to showcase what they can do while diners get to enjoy discounts on tasty treats.

Being in Chicago means having access to numerous events, too. Concerts, food festivals, farmers markets, a Thanksgiving parade, and a Christmas market are just some of the things that residents can enjoy.

The city offers numerous educational and enrichment opportunities. Some notable offerings include Adler Planetarium, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago History Museum, National Museum of Mexican Art, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Chicago Botanic Garden just to name a few.

Beal Properties offers the chance to enjoy this vibrant city. The property management company boasts buildings in neighborhoods throughout Chicago, which offer residents the chance to be near the things that are important to them.

From Lincoln Park to Evanston, Beal Properties has an apartment to suit a range of interests and needs. Each building offers comfortable, well-maintained units that are conveniently located within the city.