IC Systems Stands the Test of Time


IC Systems is a collection agency that was founded in1938 with its headquarters at St. Paul, Minnesota. Jack and Ruth Erickson, who passed it on to their family up to the third generation now, set up this company. The company is guided by strong principles, which have made it existence for eighty years unshaken. They focus mainly on ethical, quality, and honest service to their customer. The company also keeps itself updated on the latest technology and legalities so that it can be first in its field to offer a new experience to the customer and be able to operate with the latest industry standards. IC System has regular extensive audits and training of its employees to ensure they are in proper compliance.

They have five values in their workplaces that remind them of their primary goal. IC System recognizes employees who show commitment and are rewarded in each quarter of the year. The employees are asked to nominate whomever they feel they have done an excellent job to receive the Core Values award given. The employees always seek to foster innovation, treating people with respect, and delivering performance and results while working. They also prioritize integrity and take pride in their work. IC System can operate in all the fifty states in the United States, which makes them unique and convenient for the clients who live in physically distant areas from the original field of service.

IC System also believes in giving back to the society. They have participated in various charity events and have given their services, time, and resources in helping communities. They have been part of The American Red Cross, The Special Olympics, and Toys for Tots among others. They also encourage volunteer work even in their company as they organize in-house volunteer projects. Since 1981, there has been a team called Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) who are responsible for coordinating such projects. They have also collaborated up with various companies and organizations in these philanthropic causes. IC System is more than a collection company, and due to its strong values, it will always be the best for many years to come.