Iggy Azalea Says Flopped Song Is Not Her Fault


Recently, fans made comments to Iggy Azalea about the fact that the song she did with Britney Spears was a flop.Iggy & Britney Spears Feud. You would think that a song called “Pretty Girls” with two hot girls in it, it would be a hit song, but it had lackluster results. Although Britney and Iggy performed the song on an awards show, the song still didn’t do as well as everyone thought it would. After fans made comments to Iggy about the song, Iggy basically puts all the blame on Britney Spears.

According to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, Iggy claims that she was just premiered on the song, but the song was not her own to promote. Britney actually owns the song, and she invited Iggy to do the song with her. Iggy said that since she wasn’t able to promote the song like she wanted to, and since Britney didn’t make certain appearances, the song didn’t do as well as it should have. Many have taken offense to what Iggy has said about the song, and they feel as if she is putting all the blame on Britney.

Some are even saying that Iggy is a brat who always complains, and she should be thankful that she got to work with one of the best artists in the music industry. Britney even commented that she couldn’t wait to go back to Las Vegas, and she made it seem as if she was poking fun at Iggy for having a canceled tour.