Greg Secker’s Craeer in Forex Trading


Greg Secker is a renowned master trader, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also known for his philanthropic activities. Apart from his professional career, Greg is also a father.

Knowledge to Action Group

One of the strides which Greg has taken in his career is founding a group of companies known as Knowledge to Action Group. The Group was founded back in 2003, and comprises several companies. These companies include Learn to Trade, a company which specialises in teaching people how to trade. Learn to Trade is located in London, but it also has offices in Manila, Johannesburg and Sydney.

Another company in the Knowledge to Action Group is SmartCharts Software which provides the most recent and innovative technologies in trading. With the company, Greg has been able to make trading simple for starters as well as seasoned forex traders.

Capital Index, which is also one of the companies founded under Knowledge to Action, is a brokerage firm. The other company under the Knowledge to Action umbrella is FX Capital, which generally offers service sin forex investment.

The Greg Secker Foundation

Apart from his group of companies, Greg is also the proud founder of the Greg Secker Foundation. The Foundation is geared towards helping other people who are disadvantaged in society. Through the Foundation, Greg has been able to make an impact in the lives of many people across the globe.

About Greg Secker

Most people will know Greg Secker from forex trading news sites. What they may not know is that he began his career as at a company called Thomas Cook Financial Services. He worked there for a while before he moved to Virtual Trading Desk, one of the first online forex trading sites that offered real-time experience.

Afterwards, Greg moved to Mellon Financial Corporation, where he became the bank’s vice president. While working there, he was able to interact with some of the world’s best traders. After several years working at Mellon Financial Corporation, he decided to come up with his own business. that is how Learn to Trade was conceived and the rest is history.