Paul Mampilly Explains How Blockchain Might Make Identity Theft A Thing Of The Past


Blockchain technology is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies in most people’s minds who know about it. However, it might just someday be known for putting a stop to identity theft. That’s the opinion of stock picker and financial analyst Paul Mampilly. He sees this technology as ideal for making sure people are who they say they are.

Up until now, when people need a government-issued document they have to go through an onerous process. To get your driver’s license renewed, for instance, you will probably have to sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair for half the day. This is also true of trying to get social security cards, birth certificates, passports, and so on.

There’s a better way of proving who you are, Paul Mampilly has said. Using blockchain, people could have instant access to information about themselves such as proof of their address, proof of identification, and so on. Blockchain technology can be used to give people access to this information in a very secure way that cyberthieves can’t get at.

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Nobody knows who invented blockchain by they go by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. This person wanted to create a digital currency that people could use to make payments online instead of with a credit or debit card. It’s the technology behind bitcoin and other digital currencies. Paul Mampilly thinks that blockchain will last longer than cryptocurrencies will because it’s more useful out in the real world.

The genius of blockchain is that people need a code to access your information. However, that information isn’t stored in a centralized location where it’s hackable. Instead, it’s spread out to hundreds, even thousands, of computers around the world in small chunks. The code that makes up blockchain is ever-changing and highly complex, making it ideal for preventing hacking.

Paul Mampilly says that blockchain can be used to provide instant access to a person’s information while being secure. This technology could eliminate carrying around driver’s licenses and other identity documents. It can even eliminate the need to carry around debit and credit cards making carrying around a wallet a thing of the past.


Why Shervin Pishevar Conducted His Tweet Storm


As one of the world’s best-known venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and businessmen, Shervin Pishevar has plenty to keep him busy each day. Yet despite this, he regularly takes to Twitter to express opinions on matters he deems important to the world economy. Thus, to those who follow him, it was no surprise when he began expressing opinions on such aspects of the economy as stock markets, virtual currencies, and technology. However, what did surprise most people was the fact he spent nearly 21 hours discussing these topics, as well as making many surprising predictions along the way.

Keeping his Twitter followers on the edges of their seats throughout the tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar began by predicting precious metals would play a big part in the portfolios of many investors in the months ahead. Predicting stock values would decrease by well over 6,000 points, he urged investors to trust in gold and other metals as a way to maintain portfolio values. Believing volatile bond markets would lead to the crisis, he predicted it would take many months or even more than a year for the market to recover.

After this startling prediction, Shervin Pishevar next gave his thoughts and predictions about technology and Silicon Valley. While he has great respect for many Silicon Valley companies, he also predicted a steady decline would occur in Silicon Valley over the coming year. Citing China as one nation that has surpassed Silicon Valley in research, business strategy, and employing the most talented individuals in the IT industry, he predicted Silicon Valley has many tough years ahead.

Once finished discussing his predictions about Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar neared the end of his tweet storm by making many interesting predictions about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Just as he predicted stocks would lose significant value, he did the same for virtual currencies. But unlike stocks that he predicted would take months to recover, Shervin Pishevar predicted Bitcoin would bounce back with a vengeance, increasing in value much quicker than stocks. In fact, he predicted investors who turned to virtual currencies would see tremendous returns on their investments.

HGGC Enters Agreement With Dyal To Bolster Investment Muscle


The Palo Alto-based private equity firm HGGC has announced that Dyal Capital Partners has opted to buy a passive, non-voting minority stake in the company. Richard Lawson is Chairman and CEO of HGGC. He said the deal with Dyal will provide his firm with “balance sheet capital” that will support its investing platform while also increasing commitments to its own funds.

The investment by Dyal will not have no impact on the current day-to-day operations of HGGC, Lawson said. Also, the transaction will not change what has been a remarkably successful strategy for HGGC.

This firm is focused on high-tech, middle-market firms that can benefit from massive upgrades in technology. This helps them compete in a business environment that has been powerfully altered by such tech giants as Amazon over the past decade or more.

HGGC was founded in 2012 and has experienced rapid growth since. Today the firm reports $4.3 billion in cumulative capital commitments and a total enterprise value of $20 billion. It has achieved 118 portfolio investments. Its portfolio companies comprise some 63,000 employees.

It’s a company that invests in firms that have been determined to be highly competitive in markets defined as “defensible.” HGGC seeks to add value through supplying key operating skills and building relationships. Lawson likes to say his company distinguishes itself by demonstrating an ability to seek out and invest and/or acquire businesses with strong potential to scale creating partnerships with owners, managers, founders and sponsors.

In addition to Richard Lawson, the company is steered by a team of financial all-stars with long track records of success in their respective sectors. They include the former NFL legend Steve Young, the quarterback who led the San Francisco 49ers to three Super Bowl wins. He was conducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2005. He is now determined to make his mark in the highly competitive PE world.

Other big names include Gregory M. Benson, a former Bain Capital executive. Leslie M. Brown was former Nutraceutical International CFO. Original founders included the legendary Jon M. Huntsman, the founder of Huntsman Chemical Corporation, and Robert C. Gay, a significant figure with the LDS Church.