Peter Briger Big Business Giant


Peter Briger has a United States citizenship and dwells in New York in the northern parts of America. In 2013, an official from Wells Fargo, one of the greatest banks wild full, met at post venture gathering to examine on the most proficient method to make the principal directed trade of Bitcoins on the planet. In this gathering, Peter Briger discussed how Bitcoin innovation is a computerized gold and a relatively moment and less exorbitant approach to exchange cash everywhere throughout the world and how there was an inadequacy of an American based Bitcoin controlled trade and how the association with Wells Fargo would give this together.

Arrangements went about for a more broadened period and this gave Wall road a sufficient time to proceed with the moderate and long process which has seen them develop and build up the new innovation. In spite of the fact that this endeavors fizzled, Peter Briger says that wall streets determined wander into Bitcoins had quite recently started.

Stronghold organizations, over its private value subsidizes and credit stores have practical experience in resource-based contributing, and convey to manage huge involvement in putting comprehensively and profoundly in a different arrangement of advantage writes. Post’s mastery stretches out to evaluating, owning, financing and regulating the administration of physical and budgetary resources running from land and capital advantages for monetary resources secured by expanded long-haul money streams.

Stronghold has profound information of the businesses in which it contributes. Over the span of executing ventures and working portfolio organizations, Fortress Investment Group has built up a group of speculation experts with critical division particular aptitude and associations with driving organizations, foundations and people around the world.

A blessing from three graduated class Princeton—’86 Gordon Ritter, ’86 Peter Briger, and a third who wishes to stay unknown—has set up a pilot financing project to help late University graduated class business people and their new businesses. The AEF program will energize and empower inventiveness, hazard taking, development and thought age among their understudies and late graduated class. These graduated class business people will get budgetary help from the store, as well as chances to impart their encounters to current understudies as a component of our enterprise instruction program.

All through his vocation in back and speculations, Pete Briger has fabricated notoriety for being an exceedingly able pioneer, and a committed proficient. Besides his work with Fortress, Peter Briger had likewise upheld the Central Park Conservancy, among different associations.

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Shervin Pishevar Says Decline In Stock Market And Bitcoin About To Happen


The reality of the financial world as Shervin Pishevar sees it is that the stock market and the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin are about to fall. He took to Twitter recently to put out a series of fifty or so tweets that detailed his thoughts on what he says will be a financial storm as it were. He believes that it is not only possible but highly likely that a lot of people are going to get caught up in the storm. He is fearful for them, but most of all he just wants people to have some kind of understanding of what he feels is coming their way.

Shervin Pishevar is the founder of Investment company and was also an early investor in Uber. He is frequently called upon to make television appearances to give his opinion about any number of pressing financial issues. It is because of this that it makes a lot of sense that he would be the type of person we might want to listen to when he goes on a Twitter rant.

The latest that Shervin Pishevar had to say would peg the value of Bitcoin all the way down to between two and five thousand dollars per coin. He thinks that once it hits that point that it will slowly start to rebound. He believes that is the point at which he could start to see some changes that might make him a lot more interested in once again exploring the possibility of purchasing some Bitcoin.

It is so very important to listen to voices like Shervin Pishevar when it comes to figuring out what to do in a difficult economy. He is the type of person who makes you want to be a better person. He always encourages his readers to try to learn from the lessons that he puts out there. When someone actually gains something from what he has said, that is when things are really going well. That is what he hoped to bring to the audience who takes a listen to what he has to say. He will continue to try to provide valuable insights.

It is all about determination and innovation; David Zalik


Today, David Zalik is featured among top billionaires by the Forbes magazine. He was born in Israel and later moved to the US when still young. Soon after completing primary school he enrolled at Auburn University. He never attended high school education. His desire to date college ladies fuelled the entrepreneur skills. When still in university he decided to involve himself in computer assembling business. Business was doing great and soon after he dropped out of school so that he could focus on his business. He established a company by the name MicroTech which he later sold in 1996 and moved to Atlanta.

David Zalik decided to invest his fortune in real estate business. His investment grew and felt the need to explore new ideas. The established a web and mobile-development consulting firm called Outweb. It is out of the consultations with his clients that the idea to start GreenSky Credit was born. Zalik is currently the CEO of GreenSky LLC. The company was established in 2006, and its main operating base is in Atlanta. Recently, the company was listed among the top financial technology company in the US. The company facilitates the issuances of loans to clients through the use of technology. Through their platform, they can sign up merchants/clients and link them to willing banks and other financial institutions for loans.

Today the company has employed around 650 people. Besides the company has facilitated billions of loans. Zalik feels that by 2020 the company will have hit the $20 billion goals. The primary source of income is from originating and loan servicing. In September 2016 Fifth Third Bancorp, a bank in Ohio, partnered with GreenSky and also bought a stake worth $50 million. However, David Zalik still owns more than half of the company. According to him there no plans for floating share for the public. It is the same year that he was awarded the National EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Financial Services. Making it this far has not been an easy journey. David Zalik has attributed his success to hard work, determination, and innovation.

Chris Linkas talks about early investing.


The old idiom goes that the early bird catches the juiciest worm and so can be compared to all real-life situations. Investment experts like Chris Linkas agreed unanimously that early investment ventures have a more significant potential for higher returns in future. This applies to both ordinary civilians and those in service to the country. Investors have come up with a few pointers on why early investments are the way to go.

Expert Advice

Time is a critical factor in investing. When one starts to invest early, one has the drive to take more risks which yield higher returns. This is because they have time to recover in case anything goes wrong. Secondly, there is the compound interest which is primarily interest earned on interest. One increases ROI every time an investment is made. Savvy investments take advantage of investing early to potentially benefit from the accumulated compound interest. Investing early helps one to develop a discipline in spending habits. This means that a person will focus on their budget and cut back on unnecessary expenses, therefore, earning money by saving money. Early investing also sets one a step ahead of his/her counterparts ( Over a period one can afford things that others cannot, and it also brings about absolute stability in one’s finances that enables the investor face any unusual hardships. Early investment also helps a person live a quality and comfortable life.

Investment Guru

Chris Linkas is a seasoned investor with an experience that transcends over 25 years in the industry. He has been at the helm of a UK-based investment group. Chris jumped into the financial world shortly after college where he worked as an Analyst and Asset Manager. Chris Linkas has held various prestigious positions such as Vice President at RER Financial Group LLC, and he has also worked for the New York-based Goldman Sachs. He is currently the Managing Director and European head of Credit at UK Investment firm. According to Chris Linkas, a lot of young people procrastinate too long when it comes to investing. He says that young people should think about investing regardless of their financial situation.


Community Advocate, Entrepreneur & Physician, Dr. Mark McKenna


Over the past couple of decades we can see some significant changes in many industries through consumer demand as well as regulation that govern industry. The constantly changing markets of economy allow for entrepreneurial endeavors to be successful for those who have the courage to rise to the occasion and follow through with their dreams.

One of the best examples of this scenario playing out with success is that of Dr. Mark McKenna, both a medical doctor as well as a real estate investor. Dr. McKenna is from New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from the Tulane University Medical School.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s father is also a physician and once he completed his own medical training he went to work alongside his father. Dr. McKenna is a very avid reader, always keeping his mind open to other information and avenues and this led Dr. McKenna to also launch a boutique real estate investment firm.

A new passion was ignited for Mark McKenna in the realm of real estate and he would go on to acquire and launch Uptown Title Inc., as well as Universal Mortgage Lending. though his initial portfolio was small, it would grow to over 50 staff members and offered services in financing, real-estate closing services as well as turnkey design-build projects.

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August of 2007 it destroyed the town and caused many people to lose their homes and businesses. Many people lost everything they had, Dr. Mark McKenna was one of them. His real estate projects were either destroyed or otherwise unworkable he began to start again.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated community advocate so helping to rebuild New Orleans by building affordable housing for those with a low to a moderate income in the area was the natural path given the means he still had. With a wide range of factors in play, the real estate market was seriously changing, people without income were getting homes at full financing.

Dr. Mark McKenna would then relocate to Atlanta, Georgia where he then launched a successful chain of health facilities, offering both non-surgical aesthetic options to patients in addition to highly comprehensive nutrition and weight loss/management programs for patients. Dr. McKenna has always held patient satisfaction at the highest priority throughout his career.

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Agora Financial Offering Financial Information You Can Trust


Agora Financial is one of the leading names in the world of economic publications and has a variety of publications, including newsletters, ebooks, magazines, videos, and more. Agora Financial was built with the mission to educate the people about the financial market and help people make wise choices with their money. As the economic market continues to stay volatile and the amount of options in the investment scene continues to multiply, it is essential for the people these days to rely on some expert advice. It is what Agora Financial offers its customers, who are looking to invest their money to achieve their long term financial goals.

Bill Bonner started Agora Financial in the year 1979 to help people get the financial insight they need to make smart investment decisions. As the market is filled with a variety of investment products, starting from mutual funds to equity market and from retirement plans to precious metals, and more, it has become difficult for the people to choose which investment option to select as per their financial goals and objectives. Agora Financial offers reliable and expert investment and financial advice in simple and easy to understand language so that people can make smart investment choices and avoid making common mistakes.

Agora Financial invests over a million dollar each year on only the travel expense of its reporters and employees who penetrate different sectors to find out what is going on in various industries. It helps in knowing whether the sector is worth investing in or not. Agora Financial has made some remarkable predictions in the last few years, which has helped save its over a million subscribers, a substantial amount of money. Agora Financial takes pride in the fact that it offers non-biased reporting and doesn’t accept money from any company or organization to mislead its readers.

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Madison Street Capital and Sterling Packaging Sees Growth Equity


Madison Street Capital recently represented Sterling Packaging as their financial advisor to help arrange their growth equity investment.


Sterling Packaging, led by founders Jim and Debbie Hickson, is a known manufacturer of folding cartons for personal and industrial use and have solidified their presence as supplier with customers all over North America with offices in Manitoba, Selkirk, and Alabama. The facility acquired was made available by Druid Capital Partners, a boutique investment firm in Northport, Alabama.


Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital CEO, announced the details of this growth equity investment to the press, and the transaction was carried out by Senior Managing Director Jay Rodgers.


In a statement recounting the investment, Rodgers noted the expansive state of the Sterling Packaging business, with a diverse offering to customers and partners in disparate parts of the continent. This new investment will only serve to further grow a business with prospects in diverse markets, making them a wise choice for Druid Capital Partners to invest in financially. Learn more:


Druid Capital seemed to be in alignment with this opinion with their own statement following the close of the investment. Managing Partner with Druid Capital, Martin Holt, said that the firm welcomes the Hicksons as partners. With a family oriented business relying on entrepreneurship to determine the value of their work, Kelly and Colin’s business makes one ideal for investment.


About Madison Street Capital:


Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that specializes in working middle market investments, mergers and acquisitions counseling, and capital structuring. From its headquarters in Chicago, Madison Street Capital coordinates with offices in Africa, Asia, and all across North America. This international presence allows Madison Street Capital the opportunity to develop a skill set that takes advantage of diverse markets, putting its financial services to work in multiple capacities. This makes Madison Street Capital a tested firm in the areas of business valuation, financial reporting, corporate advisory services, financial asset management, and much more. Learn more:


With a portfolio of clients from several industries, the Madison Street Capital reputation has been maintained with its ability to test its staff in challenging environments and situations that have made them ideal for financial advisory and structuring work. Staff members are well versed in careful analysis that respond to the needs of specific situations. This includes clients from public and private life, like governments and businesses looking to acquire new businesses, lending, selling, developing exit strategies, and coordinating proper governance of a corporation while keeping a sound understanding of financial investment at the forefront of their operations. Learn more: