Daniel Taub’s Lasting Impact On Uk-Israeli Trade


Daniel Taub was born in Great Brittain in 1962. Taub would go on to obtain a stellar education which included studies at University College in Oxford, University College in London, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Daniel Taub relocated to Israel in 1989. He served as a medic in the Israel Defense Fund. Later Taub would serve Israel as a reserve officer in the IDF’s internationa law division.

Taub joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991 where has performed a variety of duties. He has performed speech writing duties for president Chaim Herzog. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Taub, working in the capacity of Principal Deputy Legal Advisor of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign affairs, provided valuable legal advice to Israel during the country’s missions to the United Nations in New York and Geneva. Taub also played an instrumental role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

In 2011, Taub’s dedicated service to Israel culminated with his appointment as Ambassador to the court of St. James. With this appointment Daniel Taub became just the second Uk-born Israeli ambassador to Brittain.

Daniel Taub’s impact on Israeli-Uk relations during his tenure as ambassador is clearly scene in the area of trade. During Taub’s four years as Israeli ambassador trade between Israel and the UK doubled in volume. A state from Sajid Javid, British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills, described the trade environment inspired by Taub as a ‘golden era’ between the two countries.

During the golden era more than three hundred Israeli businesses decided to set up oprerations in the United Kindom. This number was given by the Israeli- Britain Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce also stated that annual trade between the two countries reached $5.5 billion. Javid asserts that $7 billion is likely a more accurate figure.

This progress is more impressive if taken to account the trade atmosphere between the nation’s before Daniel Taub’s arrival. Things had deteriorated to the point that Brittain’s largest student union once called for a boycott of Israel. In a 2012 interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Taub admitted his concern for the atmosphere on college campuses. In the face of this challeng, Taub expressed with great vehemence to campus administrators that all views by students and staff should be allowed to be freely expressed with no fear of reprisal.

Daniel Taub relinquished his role of Ambassador in 2015. The impact he made on trade between Israel and Britain has resulted in many improved lives and stronger economies for both nations. The memories of Mr. Taub’s contributions will no doubt stand the test of time.

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