Sergey Petrossov: Revolutionizing Air Travel


Sergey Petrossov moved to America when he was just four years old and it did not take long before he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. He started an IT business during college and even worked as an importer/exporter of automobile rims while he was in high school. Sergey was then able to draw on these experiences when it came time to create JetSmarter. 


When he worked in the IT business, this gave Sergey Petrossov a chance to learn more about the value of engineers. Once he came to this realization, he knew that he had to get more involved in the tech industry. Now, he is best known for the services that JetSmarter has to offer. This company aims to revolutionize air travel.

No small order, of course. He has been able to create a new environment for business travelers by prioritizing the relationships that he is creating with private investors and carriers. This allowed him to establish the sort of credibility that makes investors want to come aboard. 

Many of the top executives in the industry have invested in JetSmarter and Sergey Petrossov has been able to acquire funding from other private entities. The beta version of JetSmarter was a major success. It was clear to see that he was filling a void that needed to be addressed. Private jet travel has not been accessible to the average business traveler up to this point.

This is how Sergey aims to revolutionize the process. Thanks to the groundwork that he has laid, the company is now the largest provider for online private jet travel. The lifestyle community is benefiting immensely from the advantages that Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter have to offer. They have established relationships with 800 partners and have access to over 3,000 aircraft. 


His business model is one that a number of businesses are sure to emulate in the future. Those who pay a membership fee are given access to some of the most unique benefits that the industry has to offer. JetSmarter has over 10,000 members around the globe and there is no end in sight to the company’s growth